Tuesday, December 13, 2022

Don's Tuesday Column

        THE WAY I SEE IT   by Don Polson   Red Bluff Daily News   12/13/2022

Favoring enemies, faulting patriots

I’d have left the America-hating, druggie fool of a basketball player to rot in a Russian jail, rather than release the “merchant of death” Russian arms dealer, on whose hands is the blood of countless Africans, and potential deaths and injuries of DEA agents with his trafficked weapons. Were Joe Biden not rightly perceived as a feckless, pusillanimous, weak toady to Communist China, and beholden to corrupt actors in Ukraine and Russia, he might have told Putin to release the former Marine, Paul Whelan, or see his diplomats sent back to Mother Russia. Not Biden’s style.

Is that hard-hearted or uncharitable? Over 53 Americans were released from foreign nations due to President Donald J. Trump’s pressure, cajoling and threats, without compensation or “trades” for bloodthirsty criminals. If Ms. Griner had received a reasonable sentence for her flagrant illegal drug and paraphernalia possession—don’t do the crime if you can’t do the time—and Biden could have reduced that sentence to probation after release on American soil, without a trade, fine. Otherwise, enemies favored, patriots punished.

What do you know about the “Twitter Files” released by Elon Musk’s people to journalists Taibbi, Weiss and Shellenberger. It depends on your “news sources” but if that means networks, CNN, MSNBC, NPR and PBS, they probably included a generous dose of rationalization from apologists for the Democrat/Deep State cabal.

They will disingenuously assert that it wasn’t just the Biden and Democrat campaigns asking for Twitter posts to be “moderated,” i.e. deleted, banned or censored—the Trump and Republican operators also made such requests. The reality, however, was that, from Twitter’s highest to lowest employees, the partisan leanings were entirely to the progressive left, meaning Dems got requests honored, Republicans didn’t.

The Orwellian-named “Trust and Safety” and other word-salad groupings of diversely-appearing “content moderation” functionaries—labelling nonconformist, non-leftist Twitter posters as scary—formed a sophisticated conspiracy (not theory) of thought police. The entire Twitter mission: Ban conservatives, unapproved COVID beliefs (per Fauci-ism), purge any mention of the Hunter Biden laptop—and ultimately cancel Trump.

Some attempts are made to paint the Hunter laptop ban as just protecting viewers from exposure to his, and his prostitute’s, “privates” or other prurient NSFW (Not Safe For Work) videos. Doesn’t pass the “smell test” when a plethora of drug-and-sex cultural content is the “new normal.” Witness the disgustingly nauseating promotion of “music” consisting of endless n-word, druggie, and crude sexual references.

The rather tired defense of Jack Dorsey’s, and Yoel Roth’s, shadow-banning, de-monetizing, and outright deletion of conservative accounts—as private sector business setting its own free-enterprise standards—falls apart like a house of cards. The Twitter Files reveal regular meetings with, and input from, agents of the FBI, DOJ, DNI, CIA and the Biden campaign; they weren’t issuing orders or mandates but simply advised like-minded activists serving to usher in a successful Biden victory, as well as banning unapproved COVID posts.

It was Trump’s administration, but they weren’t Trump’s people; just ideological Deep State insurgents that, failing to ride Trump out of office and D.C. on a stampede of fabricated accusations, now saw their last-ditch “insurance policy” to make Trump a one-term President.

Hunter’s laptop—abandoned in a computer repair shop, became the shop owner’s property, who realized the scandalous and national security implications of its thousands of files, emails, and evidence of corruption involving Hunter’s dad and V.P. Joe Biden—hit the journalistic world via the New York Post just weeks ahead of the 2020 election. The timely confirmation by expert analysis, together with Biden partner Tony Bobulinski’s corroborating testimony, removed any legitimate doubt about the laptop’s provenance. It was damning to Joe.

And yet, 60 Minutes’ Lesley Stahl slavishly refused to give credence to Donald Trump’s factual assertions of the evidence of Biden corruption on the laptop; she arrogantly proclaimed CBS was above such anecdotal rumor-type assertions. Then came the shameless, shameful “51 intelligence experts” using weasel words to say/not say the laptop was Russian disinformation—which Joe Biden boastfully threw at Trump in a debate.

The 51 intelligence liars propped up the lies of Joe Biden, NY Times, Washington Post, the networks and cable shills. Literally weeks before the November election, the in-kind contributions by the Feds, former intel partisans, and the wall-to-wall censoring of the “laptop from hell,” became a part of the “stealing of an election.”

It’s been arguably said that, if the Internet and web-based conservative alternatives—to the lockstep news media/Democrat monopoly of information—had existed at the time, Richard Nixon would have retained his office, and Ronald Reagan would have fared far better during the Iran-Contra scandal. We’ll never know because those same partisan gatekeepers of “the narrative” wrote the history of those events.

What the Twitter Files prove is that the most widely-used platform, for what originally was touted as a free marketplace of ideas and sharing of diverse perspectives, inexorably succumbed to the irresistible temptation to put a bit of preference into Twitter’s “curation” and “moderation” of said ideas and perspectives. It proves the adage that any institution not wholly committed to conservativism will inevitably migrate further and further left.

I could provide voluminous links to, and titles of, articles on exposed Twitter contents proving the wholesale “cancelling” of conservatives, Trump, Hunter’s laptop and COVID-alternative thoughts by credentialled experts. Maybe more should be provided here. We’ll see.

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