Wednesday, December 14, 2022

The Twitter Files That Really Have Leftists Worried

The Twitter Files That Really Have Leftists Worried

In a shocking development, Twitter was censoring conservatives. I am, of course, being sarcastic because everyone knew it, though some denied it. Now we have Twitter itself, under new management, giving a peek into just how deeply the deception ran. Allow me to bring some much-needed salt and reality to this conversation and point out how everyone seems to be missing the point, some deliberately, others not.

First – and again, forgive me – who cares about what we’ve seen released so far? I truly do believe in conservative principles which dictate a private company can do pretty much whatever it wants. They should, however, be honest about it. Twitter was not. At least under the old leadership.

That leadership should be investigated to see if any of them committed perjury. It’s not enough that they lied or misled, it’s whether or not they committed perjury. There’s a difference and that difference is important. 

That difference, along with this story, is being exploited by some people more interested in promoting themselves than anything else in life. That’s fine, movements always have clowns. But the big picture here isn’t that some people were throttled, it’s who lied about it.

Hell, I was throttled. For a year and a half, I haven’t gained a single new follower. My total hasn’t increased, people followed me and others disappeared. That always happened, but no matter how many new followers I gained in a day, I lost the same number the next day. After one appearance on Sean Hannity’s radio show where this topic came up and he encouraged people to follow me, I gained a little over 1,000 new followers…which were all gone by the next afternoon. Since Elon Musk bought Twitter, I’ve been steadily gaining around 100 per day, even if I don’t tweet. 

Everyone knew this was happening, I am not unique and neither is anyone else. 

But what is unique is how so-called journalists are reacting to it. They have spent years denying what everyone saw happening, pretending the very idea was beyond the pale. Now they’re pulling the “Everyone knew it was happening, they were open about it” card. Or at least trying to.

Unfortunately for them, the Internet is forever. We saw them, we heard them, and we remember them. And, if you’ll allow me to speculate there, I suspect we’re about to find out a lot more about them and what they did. 

I can tell you why I was throttled – I can be quite the pain in the ass on Twitter. When I see some leftist spewing garbage, especially a leftist with a press pass, I don’t just call them out about it, I add some “colorful metaphors” and another language to someone who wears a helmet to bed and a mask in the shower would find “triggering.” 

I only do it for the most sincere of reasons: I hold these people in deep contempt.

While I’ve never threatened any of them, having your lies called out not only with facts and sources but also with a big attitude and unfriendly adjectives has to be annoying. That a lot of people would amplify that and continue to remind them of just how awful/stupid they are likely only added to their annoyance. This makes me think there will be a treasure trove of emails from those “journalists” drawing the attention of Twitter executives to the “harassment” they faced at the hands of people unpleasantly disagreeing with their politics. That’s the real gold yet to be mined. 

Forget about banning Donald Trump, which has been covered more than the JFK assassination, the real issue is how many people with a job to report the news were busy behind the scenes trying to silence Americans, high profile or not. 

When the Berlin Wall fell there were a lot of East German residents who started to live in a fear they’d never felt with the communists running the country. They weren’t worried about being swept away to prison work camps, they were worried about being exposed. 

Tens of thousands of East Germans informed on their neighbors, calling the secret police – the Stasi – on anyone they saw being impure to the revolution or critical of the state. There were records of those calls and the naming of names they never imagined would see the light of day when they were made. Families were punished and separated, others were sent to prison camps and some people disappeared forever because they crossed a neighbor, annoyed a friend, or some random person was looking to gain favor with those in power. The rest of their lives were changed for the worse after freedom took hold. Good.

I’d bet dollars to donuts that there’s a similar cabal of like-minded people, this time working in journalism, who “turned in,” or more accurately turned Twitter’s Stasi on to people they wanted to be quieted down. For people who ironically claim to support the First Amendment and publicly inflate themselves as purer than the wind-driven snow, the idea of their emails to the Stasi being exposed has to scare the hell out of them. It has to be even more awkward than riding the elevator with someone you're turned into the real Stasi knowing the clock is ticking on them finding out it was you who dimed them out.

That’s why these Democrats with press passes are doing all they can to downplay any revelations from the Twitter files – they quickly want the concept that there’s news in there to be deader than their credibility would be if they were exposed before they’re exposed. 

That’s what I want to see – who were the collaborators with the Stasi? We know who the communists in power were, they were pretty open about it. But who were the holier-than-thou “guardians of truth” slipping notes to the teacher about who was talking when they were out of the room? Start releasing that info and it will all get very interesting very quickly.

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