Wednesday, December 21, 2022

Joe Biden is the Grinch in Disguise This Christmas

Joe Biden is the Grinch in Disguise This Christmas

Nearly two years into President Joe Biden’s presidency, inflation is still plaguing Americans despite Biden claiming the issue is under control. 

For the first time, it was cheaper for American families to dine out for Thanksgiving than go to the grocery store, buy ingredients, and prepare the dinner at home— and it’s looking like the same for Christmas. 

November’s inflation report marks 12 straight months of year-over-year inflation of at least 7 percent, which is way too high for a healthy economy.

Additionally, November was the 19th consecutive month where inflation rose at least 5 percent year-over-year. 

Christmas is going to cost Americans a fortune. 

Take Christmas trees, for example, CBS News reported that the average tree has gone up to at least $100 this year, a 15 percent increase from past years. 

Prices are up for holiday decorations and food as well. 

Popular dinner items such as baking products and turkey, are up between 15 and 25 percent this year, putting strain on a special day. 

Meanwhile, Biden’s delusion that prices are getting better has Americans feeling like their being gaslighted. 

In a tweet earlier this week, Biden said: “wages have gone up more than prices the last few months… and in a few weeks – starting in January – families will get even more breathing room when our plan to lower drug costs, health insurance premiums, and energy bills go into effect.”

However, his claims are far from the truth. Even left-leaning Politico pointed out that it lacked “context” and “clarification.” 

In reality, prices have risen faster than wages for a record 20 straight months.

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