Monday, December 12, 2022

The Experts™ Finally Discover Why 'LGBTQ Youth' Are Suicidal

The Experts™ Finally Discover Why 'LGBTQ Youth' Are Suicidal

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Liberal and tolerant Public Health™ experts seem to have finally sussed out, based on hard clinical research, the true sources of LGBTQ+++™ youth suicidality.

Via Forbes:

In its second annual National Survey on LGBTQ Youth Mental Health, The Trevor Project uncovered some alarming information about gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender and other gender nonconforming young Americans: 48% of this group said that in the last 12 months, they engaged in self-harm; that number rose to 60% for trans and nonbinary youth. Even more worrisome, 40% of those surveyed reported having seriously considered attempting suicide during that period; Of the young people who identified as trans or nonbinary, more than half said they strongly considered ending their lives.

What on Earth could drive 60% of non-binary children to want to kill themselves?

Probably bigotry!

Forbes continues:

Researchers said the resulting data shines a light on the mental health disparities, discrimination, housing instability, barriers to accessing mental health care, conversion therapy, and suicide plaguing LGBTQ youth.

It’s obviously just a major coincidence that suicidality increases when pop culture floods children’s corporate media programming to celebrate “Transgender Day of Visibility” and libbed-out parents encourage their four-year-old children to “explore their genders.” This is clearly not disorienting or confusing for children.

Transgender propaganda targeted at children and mental illness is a classic case of correlation without causation. The real cause of LGBTQ+++™ suicidality, according to The Experts™, as Forbes explains, is improper pronoun use:

Pronouns matter, to the point of life or death: Transgender and nonbinary youth who reported having their pronouns respected by all or most of the people in their lives attempted suicide at half the rate of those whose pronouns were disregarded.

And, of course, the other major impediment to LGBTQ+++™ youths’ optimal mental health is a tragic lack of access to genital binding. Forbes elaborates:

Transgender and nonbinary youth with access to tools such as binders, shapewear, and gender-affirming clothing reported lower rates of attempting suicide in the past year compared to transgender and nonbinary youth without access to these essentials.

Who knew? If only we called the children “zhe” and tucked, packed, and bound their genitals more aggressively, their mental health would miraculously rebound and they would become well-adjusted, stable members of society leading fulfilling, fruitful lives. Duh! This is just intuitive.

What the mental health crisis among transgender youth definitely doesn’t have anything whatsoever to do with is an orchestrated campaign to convince impressionable young minds that they were literally born in some kind of alien body that doesn’t match their soul and that the only way to reconcile them is to take costly synthetic hormones forever that stunt their physical and mental development.

As we all know, puberty blockers, preschool gender theory, and drag queen story hour are wholesome, liberal, and loving. They nourish a child’s spirit.

Nod along and affirm, bigot.

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