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The Mask Falls

The Mask Falls

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“Why is the Government so obsessed with killing, starting with abortion, euthanasia, forcing those vaccines on people, even those who don’t want them?” asks a trusted correspondent in a personal letter. “Sure,” she continues, “people died of Covid, they died of many causes before, but far more died through those experimental ‘vaccines’—this is the greatest crime committed in our generation.”

As more and more credible data come to light, it is evident that the COVID-19 mandates were ill-advised and the protocols put in place nothing short of administrative bungling, assuming they were not facets of what has been called a “plandemic.” A new Lancet study shows that “excess mortality” caused by COVID policies such as lockdowns tripled the number of COVID deaths. Dr. Douglas W. Allen’s ground-breaking cost/benefit analysis at Simon Fraser University equally demonstrates that pandemic policy was “based on unrealistic assumptions” and “creat[ed] more harm than good.” The information is now out there and readily available to any interested person.

As for the vaccines themselves, these are highly problematic if not downright harmful. As the much-maligned but scrupulous and indefatigable Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. writes in The Real Anthony Fauci, “the shocking and predictable rise in Covid death following vaccination is evidence of long-feared pathogenic priming.” Similarly, the late Nobel Laureate and world-famous virologist Dr. Luc Montagnier, also much defamed, was very clear: owing to Antibody-Dependent Enhancement (ADE), “The curve of vaccinations is followed by the curve of deaths.” Another predictably reviled specialist, Dr. Joseph Mercola, has amassed all the evidence needed to arraign the authorities before the court of public opinion, if not a juridical court. Naturally, the hordes of internet fact-checkers deny everything, which is what they are paid to do.

The rationale for injecting a population with an experimental and largely untested drug called a “vaccine” is increasingly dubious, especially when effective and inexpensive alternatives were rendered inaccessible. Big Pharma and the FDA have much to answer for. The cataclysm inflicted upon the world for motives of personal, corporate, and political aggrandizement and control is almost unimaginable, except that we have lived through it and should know it for what it is—not a conspiracy theory but a conspiracy fact. Two weeks to “flatten the curve” have morphed into two years to flatten belief—or should have.

Thankfully, a minority of those still capable of common sense and healthy skepticism, like those who rallied around the anti-mandate Canadian trucker convoys—a movement that spread across many countries—have understood what is at stake. Even a number of the vaccinated seem to be growing tired of endless restrictions. And sometimes, will wonders never cease, a brave and honest judge will deliver a ruling in favor of a mother who refuses to vaccinate her children with a novel, gene-therapy drug.

But such developments are anomalies. The governing elect and their enablers—the medical colleges and the media—still have the support of a substantial portion of the public. This is especially true of my own country whose thrice-elected prime minister has become the international poster boy for Duce-like behavior. Other leaders may relax their pandemic policies but have no intention of moderating their assumption of coercive authority.

True, there is now a movement spreading across many countries to discontinue the mandates—though governments nonetheless reserve the right to re-impose them pending events. We are not out of the woods yet and in a very real sense may never be. What Queen’s University law professor Bruce Pardy calls the “pandemic managerial state” will persist in many different forms and guises, for arbitrary government power over the electorate has been profoundly entrenched. This is obvious. The mandatory state has been unmasked. It is now a fact of life and its assumption of unconditional authority is plain for all to see—if that is, we have not succumbed to chronic fatigue syndrome.

What is most distressing is the extent to which an apparent majority of the public, at least in my own country of Canada and no doubt in other countries as well, approve of the power grab that has deprived them of their constitutional liberties. The authorities no longer have need of COVID-19 cover; their dictatorial rule is secure and they can proceed to other business, such as climate change, renewables, carbon taxes, biometric tracking, Social Credit programs, and Great Reset protocols. The lockdown state is our impending future. A “New World Order” is in its advanced planning stage. Writing for Hill College’s Imprimis series, Michael Rectenwald similarly warns that “In partnership with Big Digital, Big Pharma, the mainstream media, national and international health agencies, and compliant populations, hitherto democratic Western states…are being transformed into totalitarian regimes.”

Regrettably, far too many of us remain unaware of both the power shift and the vast deception that underpins it. When the government of my own province announced the revoking of the mask mandate—pretty much inevitable in the face of a growing storm of revelations and a sop to expert critique—Twitter lit up with a firestorm of denunciation of the health consortium and hatred for those who applauded the government’s belated change of course. The vaccinated do not “feel safe” though they are, well, vaccinated. Misinformed, ignorant, often nasty, and fearful, people want their masks and will go on wearing these badges of abject conformity for the foreseeable future.

Governments do not object. Many have allowed masking, and various exclusionary privileges, to remain discretionary in an effort to placate the inevitable objectors and to preserve their own presumably benign and caring but effectively authoritarian rule. They may display occasional lenience, but have no intention, as Pardy recognizes, of surrendering their mandatory practices. They give with one hand but take with both. And what is perhaps most distressing of all, the great public categorically refuses to see that the trappings of obscurity have fallen away and that the emperor has no mask.

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