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Being Pro-Abortion Isn't a Fight Against 'Old White Men Trying to Control Women's Bodies,' It's an Escape Hatch for the Irresponsible

Being Pro-Abortion Isn't a Fight Against 'Old White Men Trying to Control Women's Bodies,' It's an Escape Hatch for the Irresponsible

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Yep, I’m going there! Strap in! I can almost hear the women at Huffington Post screaming their scrotums off as they read this.

This article isn’t about whether or not abortion is “bad.” I don’t care what women do with their zygotes. That’s their call. It’s not my business, and I don’t judge.

What I ABHOR is when a pro-choicer screams, “I’M PRO-CHOICE BECAUSE I DON’T WANT OLD WHITE MEN TELLING ME WHAT I CAN AND CANNOT DO WITH MY BODY” until he/she/he-she begins spitting avocado toast out of the sides of his/her angry lips with so many piercings that his/her mouth looks like a tackle box.

Even worse are lefty women who have abortions JUST because they THINK they are “sticking it” to conservatives, especially “old, white men” (see the picture up top).

The far-left loves a good hate campaign and that aforementioned, pro-choice mantra is their rebel yell when it comes to abortion. It’s a double dose of lefty codswallop. It victimizes women and makes those annoying, patriarchal “old, white men” the bogeymen (again). And it’s completely fake for a couple of reasons.

FACT-O-RAMA! Whether it’s women, black folks, or LGBT peeps, the left plays the victim card when it’s convenient. However, you’ll notice the libs throw women under the bus when it comes to a man in pigtails pretending he is a chick and stealing sports trophies/scholarships from real women. Please choose your political side wisely, ladies.

For one, it suggests that ALL pro-lifers are old white men. This isn’t close to reality. There are millions of black Christians in this country who find abortion abhorrent. Not to mention Asian, Hispanic, and Latino people, men and women of all ages. Many people who vote Democrat are pro-life. Yet only “old white, conservative men” are portrayed as abortion devils because leftists hate old white men, except for old white men who are Democrat politicians. Somehow stooges like Chuck Schumer and Joe Biden get a pass on Election Day.

Look at it this way, do any of us care what lib chicks do with their bodies? I’ve never stopped a far-left woman and said, “That bull ring through your nose is hideous, as is that tattoo of Che Guevera on your throat. Get rid of them, and stop shaving your head.” If some hipster broad declared she was going to cut off her feet, I would say. “Have fun, Freakshow.” I don’t care what women do with their bodies. Women have the right to mangle themselves all they want. I have the right to not care and to leave them alone.

People DO have the right to believe that killing unborn babies is tragic.

Perhaps leftists shouldn’t think of pro-lifers as “female body-control freaks.” Think of them instead as the voice for those who can’t speak because THEY HAVEN’T BEEN BORN YET.

As a former liberal, I have dated plenty of lefty chicks. I know a lot of women who have had abortions. Most don’t do it easily or without regret (except for a former sick co-worker who happily told me she had four abortions before her 23rd birthday because “condoms suck, pills are annoying, and the guys pay for the abortions anyway”).

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I’m sure for most women it’s a brutal decision. I don’t judge. I know young women who have had abortions and spent years panicking about going to hell for it.

I do have a HUGE problem with Democrats who advocate for killing a baby two days before birth. Most of my liberal female friends agree. It’s always the man-bunned liberal soy-bois who will say abortion up until birth is okay, mostly because they are trying to win favor with the lib chicks. To me, there is nothing more repulsive than a “male feminist,” mostly because almost every one I’ve ever known has, to one degree or another, been a sexual predator.

OPINION-O-RAMA! Women should run from “male feminists.” I’ve known a ton (all of them were comedians from the NYC, Tri-State region). The more they espouse “women’s rights,” the more likely they are to have allegations of sexual harassment, sexual assault, or just plain old creepiness in regard to women.

So if being pro-choice isn’t about battling old white men trying to control women’s bodies, what is it? It’s USUALLY a way for women and men to dodge a baby bullet after they’ve acted irresponsibly.

FACT-O-RAMA! Roughly 85 million unwanted pregnancies could be be avoided every year, worldwide, if birth control was used and used properly.

This is a good time to say that I am not speaking about victims of rape or incest. I am NOT speaking about victims of rape OR incest. I AM NOT SPEAKING ABOUT VICTIMS OF RAPE OR INCEST.

I have to make that clear because that is always the libs’ fallback position when it comes to abortion.

Almost every unwanted pregnancy I’ve ever heard of came down to the same thing: irresponsibility. That includes me. My mother was 16 years old when I was born.

“It was my first time, I really didn’t think I’d get pregnant,” my mother once told me. TMI mother, TMI. Must … shower … can’t get clean …

When I was a libtard, I shied away from women who didn’t use birth control. As an “oops baby” myself, I know the hardships that come when young people who are without the resources to have a baby give birth because that’s how I grew up.

Birth control is cheap and easy to find. Planned Parenthood gives it away. It can be found in almost every 7-11, convenience store, and pub restroom.

I knew a lib-chick in Williamsburg, Brooklyn (ground zero for commie pinkos). She didn’t use birth control, though I once told her there were four stores within a five-minute walk from her apartment that sold condoms, two of which were open 24/7. Nah…

Watching my parents struggle financially to raise me (and my younger brother), I’ve always preferred two forms of birth control. I know birth control doesn’t always work. Condoms break and the best birth control pills are 99% effective.

Conservative people are typically more responsible than far lefties. Whether it’s regarding finances, career, or birth control, conservatives seem to be more accountable.

I know one lifelong conservative who got pregnant nine years ago. Today, she is a very successful real estate agent in Las Vegas and a successful single mom. She’s happy.

I also know a Bernie-babe who got pregnant and decided to have her child, despite her commie best friend and mentor saying, “This is not how I raised you. You should have an abortion.” So much for “choice.”

Whatever choice pregnant women make is their own. I can’t imagine being a 17-year-old girl who finds herself pregnant, especially one from a poor background. Again, I don’t judge. I firmly believe that accidental pregnancies for the not-so-financially fortunate will likely lead to another generation of poverty.

I just can’t stand the BS narrative that, once again, “old white men” are the bad guys—that conservative men are demons trying to control women like puppets (and that conservative women are too stupid to think for themselves and just follow their husbands’ opinions). Yes, libtards believe that applesauce.

FACT-O-RAMA! Not only is applesauce a delicious treat when served on pork chops, it’s also another word for hogwash.

Do what you want, pro-choicers. It’s your CHOICE. Just stop trying to pretend you are opposed to the pro-life crowd because they want to “control your bodies.” They don’t. Just admit that (most of you) are pro-choice because you want a way out for when you act irresponsibly and hit baby bingo.

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