Monday, March 7, 2022

$7 Gas Is Coming and a Poll Shows That Americans Blame Joe Biden for It

$7 Gas Is Coming and a Poll Shows That Americans Blame Joe Biden for It

Photo by Victoria Taft

Gas prices have been going up since Joe Biden began cutting off energy sources in the name of global warming Leftism on his first day of office. Now, a year later, Bidenflation has taken hold, Russia has attacked Ukraine, and the price of a barrel of oil on Wednesday stood at a gasp-inducing $112/barrel. We’re looking at gas prices close to $7.00/gallon.

Just four months ago, Don Lemon the rest of his CNN buddies waxed rhapsodic over Joe Biden for an eight-cent drop in gas prices. Now, as prices skyrocket, Joe Biden’s getting the blame, too.

Fox News poll released a few days ago shows that 73% of Americans say high gas prices “have caused hardship” and 63% blamed Joe Biden. The poll was taken before Russian invaded Ukraine. Now things are worse.

Democrats are doing as much damage-control as they can to rehabilitate Joe and their party because prices are so high. But Senator Tom Cotton said on Twitter that Biden always wanted higher gas prices and named people to his administration who would accomplish it. He tweeted: “Biden pretends to care about high gas prices. But he nominated a Marxist who wants to “starve” oil companies and a far-leftist to the Fed who wants to cut off energy companies from financing.”

Well, mission accomplished.

One West Coast, Messed Coast™ gas station just raised its prices to nearly $7.00/gallon.

The prices at a Shell station in the St. John’s area of North Portland, Ore., are an anomaly, but energy-watchers know it won’t be a one-off for long.

Indeed, The New York Post reports that prices are well over $6.00/gallon in some places, even though gas price averages throughout the country are lower. But for how long?

The rich people in Beverly Hills are paying among the highest prices, but these prices will trickle down to the little people in short order.

And what this means is that an already hobbling supply chain will become slower, and prices for everything will go up. Everything.

Modern Farmer magazine reports that fertilizer to grow food is up by 300%, so food prices will continue to rise.

In February, Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack did what Democrats always do and assumed someone, somewhere was plundering. Democrats like California lawmaker John Garamendi have already started beating the war drums against oil companies. But the fact remains, the government actually makes more off a gallon of gas than companies do. The feds skim 18.4 cents a gallon and then the local governments do their thing. California makes 67 cents off every gallon of gas sold and then local counties and municipalities take even more.

It’s not all his fault, but Joe Biden has had a hand in all of it. Biden wanted higher gas and energy prices. He cut off our domestic energy supplies and increased purchases from Putin to fund his takeover of Ukraine. Indeed, his energy secretary touts these prices as a “transition” to windmill-powered cars or some such thing.

Now Joe has the world’s first Green New Deal War on his hands. And he and his supporters are desperately trying to wipe off his fingerprints.

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