Tuesday, March 8, 2022

Don's Tuesday Column

     THE WAY I SEE IT   by Don Polson Red Bluff Daily News   3/08/2022

Absurdity atop ludicrous nonsense

“Don’t go there,” they say; well, let’s “go there.” Biological science: DNA sequencing—the “building blocks of life”—reveals that mammals (hint: humans are mammals) are born either male or female. Talk radio host Lars Larsen pithily says, “you’re born with either a ‘hot dog’ or ‘a bun’”; there is, biologically, nothing in between. No “transgender,” “transsexual,” or “asexual.”

There are baby boys or baby girls if allowed to experience birth, unlike the 60 million or so denied that biological process. They become boys or girls, grow to be young men or young women, eventually maturing (or not, as we often see) into adult men or women. However, as they say, “it’s a free country” and “marching to a different drummer,” “to each their own,” or “do your own thing” applies. Obviously, I’m not running for any office and don’t expect appointments, either. My freedom.

Just don’t expect everyone else to deny what we know to be reality, in favor of whatever absurdity or nonsense someone fancies to be “their bag” (consult 1970s slang). Fair-minded and kind-hearted people like to believe that everyone can be accommodated and no one will get their “feelz” hurt, much less be inconvenienced. However, science and convictions on biological sex are not debatable.

How did we go from “gay marriage” is hurting no one and won’t diminish traditional one-man-one-woman marriage, to a man who competes as a swimmer on the men’s team deciding his inner female requires chemical injections to create some artificial hormonal test result so he can say he’s a “she,” who can now set swimming records on the women’s team? “Ludicrous” you might say. Not funny.

Ridicule and disrespect for our nation’s Judeo-Christian faith and faithful abounds; at least those beliefs have remained unchanged for millennia. This new, bold-beyond-the-pale progressivism, which cozies up too-comfortably with Marxism and fascism, is a religion of its own.

It has the distinction of changing its tenets and “inviolable” beliefs and standards with the winds, or the calendar, or the latest pronouncements from the academic towers of “critical theory” and “wokeness.” It also has all the unpleasant qualities previously—sometimes accurately—assigned to Christianity: intolerance, fanaticism, death-wished-upon-unbelievers, crusades to achieve such “cancellations,” and hidebound authoritarianism.

The “Progressive Church of Perfecting Society” has morphed seamlessly into everything its adherents previously despised: intellectual duplicity, egotistical smugness, refusal to give an ideological inch in debate, denial of its enemies’ humanity, and the blatant aggrandizing of power—even deceitfully manipulating elections.

“The ends justify the means” has become, together with Saul Alinsky’s “Rules for Radicals,” it’s playbook. When I observed some of this in the 1970s, I turned my back on the leftist, antiwar movement; it became all it opposed.

If only other absurdities and ludicrous nonsense weren’t deadly serious—even embracing evil. Things like 1) The fashionable-but-evil efforts to “groom” boys and girls to question their biological sex, before they even mature, efforts hidden from their first-and-foremost teachers—their parents; 2) Books placed into libraries accessed by children, books designed to insert perverse notions of sex into their young, impressionable minds; 3) Children’s parents become the “bad guys” for wanting such sick material out of school libraries—without suggesting banning from adult libraries. 4) Children innocent of racial sins are forced to see themselves as a “skin color” with either “oppressor” or “victim” status, while racial “theory” propaganda is inserted into courses.

Ludicrous, but not funny, would be the DOJ and the National School Board Ass’n conspiring, creating a phony narrative that parents justifiably outraged over the above are “terrorists.” Absurdly evil is how the Homeland Security Dept. likewise has come up with a way to redefine “mis-dis-mal-information” into possible terrorist material.

Are local Democrats seeing how your party supports the above? Don’t risk being “outed” as conservative; don’t feel you have to love Donald Trump, just reject your side’s lunacy. Secretly, stealthily read and illuminate yourselves without alienating your family or friends. Then vote your conscience.

 Nonsensical: Within a couple of news cycles, the CDC and Democrat authorities pronounce that “science” (er, politics) changed and masks are totally optional—but Florida Gov. DeSantis is a bullying ogre for telling college students the same thing. Masks have been forced, absurd, virtue-signaling theater for 2 years.

It’s nonsense, bordering on insanity, for President Biden to allow and mandate America’s energy (oil/gas/coal) self-sufficiency to decline—under the fanatical “climatista” religion. So ideologically blinded is he, so dependent on Russian and Middle East oil and gas that he won’t consider cutting off imports. Pete Buttigieg: buying Iranian oil is “on the table.” $3+ million/day of Russian oil funds Putin’s war on Ukraine. Biden is pleading with Putin to help recreate the Iran nuclear deal while Iran is has enough uranium to make “the bomb.”

Meanwhile, head enviro-nutjob John Kerry moans that Russia’s war on Ukraine hurts the climate. Sure.

Evidence now reveals: 1) Average age of COVID death 80+ with several “comorbidities”; 2) Lockdowns, school shutdowns and “stay home” orders were unnecessary and, on balance, very destructive; 3) deaths from those policies killed more people than the virus, especially when 4) UK gov’t statistics found that only 17,371 deaths as of September 2021 were deaths due to COVID alone—not just the virus present after dying from other causes—out of 137,133 that were counted as “COVID deaths.”

That’s less than 13 percent; applied to American COVID deaths, that means less than 125,000 died (based on UK data) “from” COVID in the U.S.A., not the 984,000 reported. The medical/political authorities that forced those mandates must admit their errors, motivations, financial incentives and conflicts, lest they think they can do it again next pandemic.

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