Tuesday, March 22, 2022

Don's Tuesday Column

       THE WAY I SEE IT   by Don Polson Red Bluff Daily News   3/22/2022

The wheels of truth grind slowly

Witness the much-belated admissions, via the New York Times, that the Hunter Biden laptop was a true story and not “Russian disinformation.” Abandoned in a Delaware computer repair shop, it contained embarrassing, even damning emails related to Biden family corruption.

Those, including Donald Trump, who’ve been proclaiming that simple, guilt-laden truth since October, 2020 are vindicated. The coordinated “cancelling”—censorship by collusion among Big Tech, Big Media—of what should’ve been headline-grabbing scandals, threw the 2020 election to Joe Biden. The New York Post’s devastating stories based on the laptop emails were accurate, but suppressed.

Media Research Center polling, from 11/9 to 11/18, 2020, found that up to 17 percent of Democrat voters would not have voted for Biden had they been informed of Hunter’s laptop revelations, among other stories. Those include the FBI investigation that linked Joe Biden and his family to a corrupt financial arrangement with Chinese Communist Party-affiliated entities to provide the Biden family with tens of millions of dollars.

Set aside, for argument’s sake, provable voting fraud and illegal practices—put in place by governors, judges, health and election officials, not state legislatures, the only constitutional means of changing rules. Factual stories of Biden family corruption would have impacted the popular vote, depriving Biden of the majority, his wins in the “swing states” and the Electoral College. Search: “Biden Voter Messaging Survey Analysis”

“The Way I See It,” 11/20/2020: The emails on Hunter Biden’s “abandoned-to-a-repairman” laptop, with no factual, credible dispute, have provided a timely “exhibit A” of the corruption of the Biden family: “Hunter Biden demanded Chinese billionaire pay $10 million for ‘introductions alone,’ emails show,” by R. Scarborough (Washingtontimes.com, 10/15). Hunter Biden to his daughter, Naomi, 1/03/19, “I Hope you all can do what I did and pay for everything for this entire family for 30 years. It’s really hard. But don’t worry unlike Pop I won’t make you give me half your salary.” Rudy Giuliani: “This describes the amount kicked back to the Boss, Joe Biden, as happens in every organized crime group.”

“Smoking-gun email reveals how Hunter Biden introduced Ukrainian businessman to VP dad,” by Emma-Jo Morris and Gabrielle Fonrouge (10/14, Nypost.con). Joe Biden’s (provable?) lies—denying having anything to do with, or even knowledge of, Hunter’s corrupt Ukrainian energy dealings—disqualify Biden from holding any position in, let alone as president of, America’s government.

“The Way I See It,” 10/27/2020: Meanwhile, the “laptop from hell”—abandoned by Hunter for repairs, turned over to the FBI and the New York Post, verified by DNI Ratcliff and the FBI to be genuine emails, not Russian “disinformation”—contains extensive evidence. Not of certain criminality, but of corrupt “pay to pay,” “quid pro quo” and “influence peddling” by the Biden family and associates who had no marketable skills aside from their connections to the “big guy,” Joe Biden. (end quotes)

Readers can see how, alone among Northern California local writers, this column had truthful information, relevant to whether voters should replace President Donald J. Trump with apparent crook Joe Biden. Those not blinded by ideological partisanship must accept that those 51 “intelligence sources,” including CIA’s Brennan and DNI’s Clapper, were lying for political gain; they were intentionally misleading America’s electorate, using their authority as governmental intelligence “experts.” Liars, all.

Other “grindings” of the wheel of truth concern COVID. Reviewing my columns from 2020/2021, I found no erroneous information on the (in)efficacy of: masks, particularly for students, lockdowns, vaccine mandates and “passports.” Distancing and large event cancellations were reasonable until authorities knew, or should have known, that the vulnerable were mostly elderly, obese and those with underlying morbidities.

“2 weeks to slow the spread” should have expired, emulating Sweden, keeping schools and the economy open; Sweden’s results were no worse than the “lockdown” countries. Many thousands died because of refusal to aggressively research and proactively apply therapeutics like HCQ+, Ivermectin and other previously approved drugs. Even worse, they side-stepped doctor-patient authority and responsibility, substituting top-down medical/political despotism.

“New Study Confirms Ivermectin Outperforms Other Options…Tested on the Omicron variant, Ivermectin surpassed 10 medications…” (theepochtimes.com, 3/08). “Fauci said Great Barrington Declaration reminded him of AIDS denialism” (ditto, 3/15) reveals the unscientific, ideological refusal by Fauci, Collins et al to consider strategies that avoided lockdowns in favor of targeted protection of the vulnerable. “Here’s the real reason kids were forced to mask in schools” (pjmedia.com, 3/17): It’s about turning kids into compliant subjects.

While polling, as a midterm election predictor, is hardly “etched in stone,” Biden’s numbers reflect a likely “truth-grinding” election, a wholesale rejection of what he, Veep Harris, Pelosi and Democrats are standing for and selling. Forget polls that over-sample Democrat-leaners; when “Rasmussen Reports” “likely voter” poll puts Biden at 38 percent approval—with 60 percent disapproval and 50 percent “strong” disapproval—it couldn’t be worse for Dems in November.

That’s 209 straight days “underwater” (higher disapproval than approval); then-President Donald Trump was at 47 percent approval at this point in 2018.

Maybe voters know: 1) “One year later—Biden’s ‘American Rescue’ failed” (washingtonexaminer.com); just 9 percent of the $2 trillion went to combatting the virus; also “only 21% of voters believe the law has helped them and 29% say it has left them worse off.”

2) Biden and the enviro-nutters are obsessed with “getting rid of” fossil fuels, even lying about hikes in the price of gas; “Biden's Graph of Bloomberg Data Used to Attack Oil and Gas Companies Debunked by...Bloomberg” (townhall.com, 3/17). It’s “Biden-flation” and “Biden’s gas hike”.

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