Thursday, March 10, 2022

The Horror Of Biden’s Weakness

The Horror Of Biden’s Weakness

Kevin McCullough

Tyranny roams free.

People with a thirst for power and control are going to any lengths to possess them. Useful idiots enable them to keep going and they hope to gaslight (or kill) anyone who questions it.

If you believe I’m speaking of Vladimir Putin, you wouldn’t be wrong. But the same applies to Joe Biden.

The *President took to the State of The Union speech and more or less declared the opposite on nearly every position and issue of the day than what his administration and party has held since he became *president.

Feigning a pretend toughness (which is whole cloth different than strength) Biden spoke so fast he rammed his words together, raised his voice and leveled shouted talking points about his admiration for the Ukrainian people.

Laughing at Biden a world away Putin began using indiscriminate vacuum and cluster bombs. And while Biden had his morning jello and coffee the next day, more children and civilians died in Ukraine than were lost in the entire fighting in 2014.

Biden said and did nothing.

You see to Biden it’s about feelings and appearances. But to Putin it’s about crushing his opponents without mercy. Bend to his will or die for not doing so.

To Biden, as long as he can appear to care, allow everyone else at the table to come up with the plan, and give some sort of statement that’s been empathy-tested for dramatic effect then he’s “doing his job.”

The brave President of Ukraine, his military, and his people are willing to die to protect their freedom. But they are outmatched, outnumbered and even though they’ve repelled Putin in some areas and resisted much longer than any believed they could, they are still up against impossible odds. 

Putin knows this and he knows the world won’t stop him. And while he lies to the Russian people—telling them Russia has not taken casualties while simultaneously burning Russian bodies in battlefield incinerators—he has an entirely conscripted fighting force that is more or less unlimited. So it doesn’t matter how many die, because he’ll plug the holes with more.

The oft-addled Biden can barely take questions from “reporters” from the same mainstream press that has given him a free pass since he announced his candidacy.

The ruthless Putin has a complete blackout on coverage in Russia, according to one source this weekend, has already sent more than 6,000 protestors including journalists to the gulags.

Biden is so weak—on all aspects of foreign policy—that his administration continually capitulates (loses) to a hobbled Iran at the negotiation table, where Putin’s team is now taking the lead in the on going talks.

Biden wants desperately to be liked, and he has the worst approval ratings in the modern era. Putin doesn’t care what anyone says about him he wants his Soviet Union back.

Lawless tyranny roams free.

We are obviously in a different place than the world was in the 1940’s. They had no internet then. No 24 hour News cycle. And no nuclear weapons. I’ve sat reflecting over this now more-than-ten-day-war, and wondered as Hitler annexed the Sudetenland and then invaded and bombed Poland, what the world was thinking. Nobody stopped him when tyranny roamed free.

And please don’t read this as a case for American troops to be embedded in a European land war.

But under a different President—who did not particularly care about making people feel things and give himself slaps on the back—Putin dared not to try this offensive.

That same President put air defense systems in NATO countries that could be next targets for Putin.  That move angered Putin. 

Nothing the USA is doing now causes him to even think about us.

Because of that reality, women are being raped, children are being vacuum-bombed, and evil is on the March.

Tyranny roams free.

World leadership is scared of a maniacal monster.

Scared because America’s leaders cower in the back of the room. This emboldens Putin’s drive like a jolt of cocaine to the bloodstream.

God help the Ukrainian people.

And Godspeed to everyone who will be counted to stop evil’s march

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