Monday, March 28, 2022

EXPOSED: Tennessee Schools Flagrantly Breaking Anti-CRT Law

EXPOSED: Tennessee Schools Flagrantly Breaking Anti-CRT Law

(Screencap via YouTube.)

Some Tennessee schools are still teaching “Critical Race Theory” despite a statewide law forbidding that educational malpractice, according to an undercover video just released by Accuracy in Media (AIM).

“This law was really well crafted and accomplishes nothing,” Metro Nashville administrator Todd Wigginton told AIM’s hidden camera.

“So basically,” he continued, “we’re doing what we’ve been doing.”

What they were doing is now illegal.

Marion County’s Kimberly Shurett was a bit more sly, merely admitting that “It’s not actively being taught but it’s not actively not being taught.”

“We’re business as usual in this district… we don’t really let anybody tell us what to do,” she said.

Not even the law.

Tennessee lawmakers banned the teaching of CRT in all grades K-12 in May of last year over the objections of many Assembly Democrats.

Schools and teachers are doing whatever they want, and likely counting on complacent parents thinking that the Tennessee law is actually doing what they want it to do.

Americans of every color are overwhelmingly opposed to CRT instruction.

For whatever it’s worth, everybody I saw bragging about how they’re still teaching kids to hate one another is white and presumably thinks of themselves as “progressive.”

For the uninitiated or those who have spent the last few years under a rock, CRT is Marxist grievance culture dressed up in the postmodern language of “anti-racism.”

Conservative lawmakers and governors around the country, particularly in Florida, are also trying to put a stop to the grooming of minors by their own teachers and counselors.

Florida’s parental rights bill is so popular that even 52% of Florida Democrat primary voters support it.

It’s less popular with Florida’s elected Democrats, something Florida’s voting Democrats might want to look into.

Governor Ron DeSantis is expected to sign the anti-grooming bill any day now.

Back to the original topic, here’s AIM’s first undercover expose on similar lawbreaking going on in Idaho.

Here’s AIM’s complete video, and at barely more than four minutes long, it’s well worth your time.

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