Saturday, March 19, 2022

Kamala Harris set to travel the country touting Biden's 'accomplishments'

Kamala Harris set to travel the country touting Biden's 'accomplishments'

After blundering her way across Europe, the Far East, and Central America, Kamala Harris has been dispatched by Joe Biden to tour the States on a mission to tout his "accomplishments."

What could go wrong?

According to Breitbart News:

Sources familiar with the plans told The Hill the vice president will be spending coming weeks crisscrossing the country and touting the successes of the administration.

Harris will reportedly use the trips to address infrastructure, expanded broadband access and key executive orders signed by Biden.

There is no indication if she will directly talk about the porous southern border or her assumed responsibility for it.

Now, it's probably natural for the Bidenites to want to get the stumbling, gaffing, giggling, blundering, and ignorant Harris out of their hair for a while by packing her off to someplace else.

It's also likely that Harris can't stand her job as vice president, given that it's to serve pervy, racist, doddering old Joe, with his handsy doings and corny old-man humor, but anything for a slice of power.  She didn't like her senator's job, either.  Leaked reports say Harris has complained about being sidelined in the Biden White House, while Biden himself was last seen calling her the "first lady."  Also, Harris's staff can't stand her, and Kamala can't stand them — especially when they present her with "homework" — so it would work for Kamala to get away from them, as well.

So off to the open road to tout Joe Biden it is for the vice president of "messenging."

But basically, it'll just be a mission to con the American people, who are getting tired of being conned and are on to her.

Biden himself, as Breitbart noted, seems to recognize that Harris botched the job he sent her to do in eastern Europe, and now he wants to take a shot at it himself:

The reassignment news comes just 24-hours after Biden confirmed he will meet with other leaders from the NATO alliance in Brussels on March 23, as Breitbart News reported.

A lightning stop at another unspecified European location with a focus on the war in Ukraine was reported by NBC news, with the president seeking to carve out a role as an international peacemaker.

The sources told the outlet Harris will meanwhile assume a more typical schedule for a vice president during non-pandemic times.

That will stand in stark contrast to her recent efforts overseas.

So, yes, it's kind of a demotion.

But it's also a pretty dumb idea from Joe's own perspective.

Harris made nothing but mistakes when she went to Eastern Europe last week, cackling at the matter of refugees fleeing bombs from Ukraine, confusing Ukraine twice for a NATO member, and not impressing anyone enough to get invited to the big boy meetings around the issue.  A former Ukrainian official actually said it would be a "tragedy" if this doofus ever found her way into the U.S. presidency, which wasn't exactly good P.R. for the White House.

She also blundered her way around in Asia, going to Vietnam at a very bad time as Afghanistan was in the midst of a Saigon-style collapse, and managed to prompt longtime ally Singapore to openly question its U.S. alliance.  Not good optics.

She also annoyed the president of Mexico on her "root causes" tour, and drew direct rebukes from the president of Guatemala, who openly stated that the Biden administration's open border policies are a dinner triangle to human-smuggling rackets.  At the end of her tour, she took in an interview with NBC softie Lester Holt, and broke out into giggling when he asked her when she'd go to the border, arguing that she hadn't been to Europe, either.

Harris basically blows wherever she goes.

And now Joe wants her out there, making speeches, singing his praises.  It's actually something they've been talking about for months but never got around to doing, but let's assume they've got their act together at last.

How exactly would Joe expect Kamala Harris not to make the same kinds of blunders born of being a slow study that she has made abroad?  She's ignorant.  She doesn't do her homework.  She doesn't read people well.  She giggles inappropriately.  She has bad timing.  And her record in Iowa shows that voters, even Democrat voters, do think she is a phony.

Now Biden wants her out there anyway despite the high likelihood that she will screw up again?

Hope reigns eternal, doesn't it? 

It may well be that getting her out there is a signal from the White House that Joe won't serve out his term.  Or it could be a matter of just wanting to get her away from the White House, given her unfitness for office.  Send her on a tour, give her first-class accommodations, keep her away from the levers of power, keep her from plotting against doddery Joe, kick her upstairs, and perhaps that's the logic.  From Kamala's perspective, it's all good news because she doesn't really need to plot — all she has to do is wait for Joe to leave the scene, and she's got it made.

Whatever it is, it's highly likely that most of us will get a whiff of how incompetent the Biden administration is.  So bring it on, Kams — bring it on.

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