Monday, March 21, 2022

Biden low: 60% disapprove, 50% ‘strongly’

Biden low: 60% disapprove, 50% ‘strongly’

It’s hard to imagine it getting any worse for President Joe Biden.

For 209 straight days, his approval rating has been underwater, and on Friday, he hit his low point.


In the latest Rasmussen Reports “Presidential Tracking Poll,” 60% said they disapproved of the president, while 38% said they approved.

And half of the country (exactly 50%) said that they “strongly disapprove” of Biden.

His numbers touched this this bad for a day in January. An earlier version of this story said they hadn't slipped below 39% disapproval.

At this stage of his presidency, former President Donald Trump had a 47% approval rating.

The poll followed Biden’s lackluster State of the Union address, continued economic concerns about inflation, and worries about getting too deep in the Russia-Ukraine crisis.

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