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The Democrats' Energy Gallows

The Democrats' Energy Gallows

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The Democrat Party is standing before the scaffold, ready to ascend to the gallows on energy policy. There’s a way to avoid the sentence, but it is expensive to their political prospects and to the American people.

They’ve got this coming, and they have only themselves to blame.

Under uniquely bipartisan pressure, Biden is considering whether or not to cease U.S. purchase of Russian oil —estimated at 22 million gallons a day. Political affiliation aside, his failure to do so in the face of Russian aggression in Ukraine could be the final straw in the minds of the U.S. citizenry across the spectrum. Ideologically and morally speaking, it is hard to see how the continued purchase of Russian oil won’t break the back of the Democrat mule.

But it’s another Biden no-win scenario. If he shuts Putin down, prepare for even higher gas prices than what is being paid now under this administration’s hapless energy policies.

Nancy Pelosi sees it, as do other wake-up-and-smell-the-coffee Democrats. When Pelosi, who never met a fossil fuel lifeline she wouldn’t squelch, or an environmentalist wacko she wouldn’t deify, identifies a hypocrisy vacuum facing her party, you know any failure to cut Russia off from U.S. energy dollars is a big-league loser. The cognitive dissonance evoked by adding an estimated $100 million a day to Putin’s war chest could topple an already teetering Democrat agenda over the brink.

Newsmax host Rob Schmitt had a great WWII analogy, to paraphrase, “It’s like boycotting Hitler and buying from Japan.”

Only an unhinged, lockstep far-leftist could ignore or fail to see the spectacle of Ukrainians dead in the streets as shameful testimony to the negation of the value of human life in fealty to unproven and unsettled climate change theory. Watching Joker-in-drag Psaki do her macabre dance around the issue is to behold lipstick on a corpse. Electoral gallows await an administration that won’t stop the hemorrhage when it may be within their power to do so.

But so might $7 a gallon gas send them up those fateful steps.

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After mercilessly gutting President Trump’s brass knuckles achievement of energy independence with dullard supplication to the green energy junta, Biden’s crew of energy short-bus riders continue as of this writing to funnel American taxpayer dollars to a regime that has bombed and commandeered Ukraine’s most important nuclear facility, gone on thermonuclear alert, and ruthlessly snuffed the life out of men, women, children, and enemy combatants alike.

The Ukrainians fight bravely on; at times the Kremlin war pigs seem stalled. But time marches on as well, and time, manpower, and weaponry are all on Putin’s side. The writing is likely on the rubble walls, with human remains that Biden/Harris have in the days since the invasion abandoned in the name of solar panels and windmills.

Abandoned like the rich trove of American energy that might have faced Putin with the energy gallows. Instead, now, the noose tightens around Democrats’ necks, and they know it, for the decision to listen to hypocrites like Al Gore and dopes like Greta Thunberg.

Democrat spokespeople have attempted to deliver what they may have thought was cohesive messaging: they don’t want to destabilize global energy prices. Addendum: reviving Keystone would take too long and wouldn’t help the situation now.

The problem with this message is that global destabilization was baked in when they decimated homeland energy production and increased U.S. reliance on foreign oil. Stopping Keystone in its tracks only solidified the incentives for bad actors like Putin and oil-rich anti-American powers in the Middle East.

Unspoken by the mouthpieces, but fully understood, is that banning Russian oil would raise U.S. gas prices with a midterm looming. And never forget the big picture: fossil fuels must be eradicated, and it falls to the United States to lead the way.

The final irony? Russian oil is filth, both literally, and figuratively now. American oil is much cleaner.

The scaffold is erected; they built it themselves. They’ve created a no-win, as usual. Pelosi sees in a fever dream the current Washington power nexus ascending to the gallows pole, its trap door held in precipitous balance.

Submitted Sunday night, March 6, this columnist will not be surprised if by Monday a decision is reached by Biden/Harris to stop buying Russian oil.

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