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This Race War Is Brought to You by CNN, Not Tucker Carlson

This Race War Is Brought to You by CNN, Not Tucker Carlson

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The only time the lefties pray is when there is a mass shooting and they want the shooter to be white. Bonus if the shooter is white and the victims are minorities. That’ll keep the race-ghoulies at CNN and MSNBC buzzing for weeks.

Joe Biden was quick to react to the Buffalo shooting (even though the gunman considers himself “authoritarian left-wing”) but remained pretty quiet over the black supremacist Waukesha car attack that left six white people dead and 57 wounded, and the NYC subway shooting last month. I can’t find anything Adderall Joe may have said about the sniper who fired over 100 rounds in Biden’s own Washington, D.C., three weeks ago. I’m guessing the shooter didn’t meet Biden’s criteria for condemnation.

The Buffalo shooting suspect allegedly carved the name of a woman killed in the Waukesha mass attack on the stock of his gun. That sounds like revenge to me. Now I will tell you how the left made all of this happen.

There are several narratives that the left is pushing and a couple they are hiding.

Lefty Narrative # 1: Black People Are Constant Victims of Violent, White Racists

We know the Democrats, especially the purple-haired freakshows calling themselves “progressives,” are maestros when convincing people that they are helpless victims. Why would they do that? Barrington Martin II knows why: “If I can teach a man that he is helpless, and a victim no matter what he does in his life, I have someone I can control until his dying day; but most likely he will reemphasize this notion to his wife and his children, and now I own the minds of an entire bloodline.

The L.A. Times ran a story about the mass shooting in Buffalo and included this gem:

Leslie Gardner has lived in the majority-Black neighborhood around the Tops store for all of her 63 years.

She said that as an older, Black Buffalo resident, she sees the incident as the latest in a long string of white supremacist violence in this city and across the nation.

“There’s anger, which is natural, but people my age, we’ve seen it all,” Gardner stated. “We’ve heard it from our parents and our grandparents that this is our legacy, our legacy of survival, our legacy of being abused and brutalized.”

Three generations of “legacy” victims. Well done, progressives. Fortunately for Miss Gardner, her fears of rampaging white supremacists are unfounded. What the lefty news outlets won’t tell their legacy victims is the truth. The dirty little secret is that, according to FBI stats, black people actually kill more than twice as many white people every year as white people kill black folks. That’s not good for the legacy victim industry. Career race-baiters like Don Lemon and Joy Reid know the inconvenient truth, but you’ll never hear them report it. I’ve been called a racist just for pointing out the statistic.

FACT-O-RAMA! White folks outnumber black folks roughly five to one in the U.S. If our population numbers were the same, there would be a ten-to-one black-on-white murder ratio.

They WILL however trumpet the “white supremacy” myth and scare black people into thinking drooling white goobers in MAGA hats are trying to blast them with red, white, and blue AR-15s. Sometimes the left will make a black person so angry that he will shoot 10 non-black people on a subway or run down 62 white people in a Christmas parade.

HATE-O-RAMA! Both the NYC subway shooter, Frank James, and the Waukesha mass killer, Darrell Brooks, espoused black supremacy ideals on social media.

We are going to hear about the Buffalo shooter for weeks. The left-leaning press will dig up every gym teacher the shooter has ever had and will keep beating the story from every angle. What happened to the subway shooter, Frank James? You know…

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Remember when the left tried to tell us Darrell Brooks ran over 62 people “accidentally” because he was fleeing a crime scene? Hilarious!

Lefty Narrative # 2: White Supremacists Are EVERYWHERE!

FARCE-O-RAMA! Gropey Joe Biden called Kyle Rittenhouse a “white supremacist” for shooting three white people who were attacking him.

The left’s definition of a white supremacist these days is absurd. If parents don’t want their kids subjected to CRT and drag queen kindergarten teachers, they are branded “white supremacists.” Don’t order your sandwich with mayonnaise, you bigot. I’m afraid to listen to Vanilla Ice. I order my coffee “oppressed” instead of “black” lest I get labeled a white nationalist.

FLUNKIES-O-RAMA! Even though the shooter in Buffalo criticized Fox News for hiring Jewish people, leftist trashbags tried to pin the shooting on Tucker Carlson, MAGA, and QAnon, even though the shooter himself claims to be a “Green Nationalist/leftist authoritarian.”

But as I’ve written many times, it’s easier to find a pedophile working for CNN than it is to find a white supremacist in the U.S. You know it, I know it, the FBI and the Anti-Defamation League (ADL) know it.

The Chain Remains Unbroken

Left-leaning toilet news anchors like Lemon and Reid parrot the lie that white supremacists are picking off black people and have been for decades. This kind of talk inspired Darrell Brooks to mow down 62 people in Waukesha. That attack inspired the Buffalo shooter to kill black people. Why don’t leftists stop their lying about white boogymen and let us get along? Because racial harmony is bad for their business.

This violence, though thoroughly regrettable, is just the tip of the iceberg. The left is good at hiding things that go against the BS narrative they regurgitate.

Remember last August when a mob of roughly 100 black people knocked out and robbed two white guys while a few black women did a victory twerk? You probably don’t.


You certainly didn’t hear about four black people beating up 83-year-old Dorothy Dow, breaking her arms, and setting her on fire back in 2016. She died three weeks later. It’s hard to pretend black people are constant victims of white supremacy violence when things like this happen. This story was memory-holed ASAP.

We can’t pretend there hasn’t been white-on-black violence in the past, especially since the left won’t let us. There are roughly 15 books, films, and documentaries about Emmett Till, who was killed by white men 66 years ago. Dorothy Dow, whose murder was more heinous than Till’s, didn’t even get major news coverage.

Racism won’t go away because the progressives won’t let it. They need it to keep some of their base feeling scared, helpless, and easily controlled, even as bodies are stacking up.

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This nation needs a long talk about race but it’s not going to go down the way the Democrats think it will. Facts are not on their side. Besides, racial hatred is bringing in mad stacks for the hate-hustlers. Don Lemon, Lester Holt, and Joy Reid happily stand on the bodies of the dead, even when it’s their hyperbole that gets people of all races killed.

And let us not start on how many black people have died because of BLM and their police-defunding nonsense. But hey, those mansions aren’t going to pay for themselves.

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