Tuesday, May 24, 2022

Don's Tuesday Column

    THE WAY I SEE IT   by Don Polson  Red Bluff Daily News   5/24/2022

Divisive, dishonest racial projection

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Some hard-hitting, unpleasant, even gross thoughts on abortion below, but first…

When a weapon-wielding, sick young White man, with clear anti-Black racial animus, murders nearly a dozen people in a grocery store in Buffalo, New York, it’s probably expecting too much to not politicize the tragedy before bodies hit the morgue. Partisan hacks, who presume their moral and intellectually superior monopoly on what constitutes “misinformation,” spewed endless mis/dis/mal-information.

A despicable tactic: demonize opponents and enemies with such a flood of “gaslighting” over “white supremacy” (a vanishingly small splinter of Americans), and “replacement theory” (RT)—as to intimidate the rest of us into silence. The Democrat left for decades saw RT as a political path: marginalize white voters by “replacing” them with Dem-friendly immigrants.

These players can even be effective, until the “normals”—those not swallowing the racist “diversity” claptrap that Whites are racist by definition and our thoughts and opinions are therefore discredited—extend virtual middle fingers to the whole sorry mob of disgruntled leftist hate-mongers.

Are you shocked to learn that the sorry excuse for an 18-year-old, a waste of flesh, was still allowed to buy a gun after triggering New York’s “red flag law” when he made threats to shoot up his high school and was hospitalized for “mental health observation”? No one placed him on the federal list disallowing gun purchases; no one in law enforcement thought (or was permitted) to get a warrant to search his belongings, devices, etc. to ascertain if he constituted a threat to others. Sadly, failures get repeated.

 You’ll be surprised to learn that his self-described “manifesto” gave “diverse” reasons for his lethal animosity beyond just hating Black people. He was “deep into communist ideology” at 12, “moved farther to the right” from 15 to 18, and then, “On the political compass I fall in the mild-moderate authoritarian left category, and I would prefer to be called a populist…But you can call me an ethno-nationalist eco-fascist national socialist if you want.” Does that clear it up?

He repeatedly attacked capitalists and rejected conservativism as being “corporatism in disguise...” His family says that he lived in a state of COVID-19 panic; his mother’s cousin said he “bought into the fear of COVID,” and wore a respirator mask to family functions and an entire hazmat suit to school. While fully “vaxxed to the max” he still “got COVID,” believing he caught it from a fast-food chicken sandwich which he theorized was poisoned by government agents.

No mention of Tucker Carlson; Fox News earned his antipathy for supposedly “Jewish” or “Christian Zionist” hosts or owner, while Ben Shapiro was an example of a “rat” type of Jewish phenotype. He admits he’s a socialist “depending on the definition.” “Green nationalism is the only true nationalism.” Nutjob! For mental punishment, look up “The Buffalo shooter was an eco-socialist racist who hated Fox News and Ben Shapiro,” by Tiana Lowe. (Hat tip to pjmedia.com and Kevin Downey Jr.)

Back to that so-called “Great Replacement Theory,” bandied about by media, partisan, political hacks. It has been employed, either as an alarm or as a logical path to greater political power, by Democrats going back to the early 1900s. They decried the influx of “Asiatics” while acknowledging that their cheaper labor displaced Black workers, who were racially denigrated by Democrat Progressives like Woodrow Wilson.

Non-citizens have been a source for Democrat congressional power, when included in the census which is then used to determine House districts; the non-citizens, immigrants and illegal entrants concentrate in Dem-run cities, resulting in a national bump of over a dozen House seats they wouldn’t have if redistricting was based solely on American citizens. Just the political facts, ma’am. The left has been the major advocate of this strategy, as evidenced by one of their “bibles,” “The Emerging Democratic Majority” (J. Judis, R. Teixeira, 2003)

Look up: “The Media's Big Lie About the 'Great Replacement Theory' and Conservatism” by Ben Shapiro; “Great Replacement Theory is fueled by woke progressives gloating about America becoming non-white,” by LU (LibertyUnyielding.com) Staff; “The Replacements,” by Steven Hayward; and “Here Are the Nutcases Who Believe in ‘Replacement’” by Ann Coulter. If challenged, I’ll happily elaborate.

The Democrat left denies that they are the source of division, but quietly rub their hands over racially motivated violence and the idea of a race war. They don’t care if: 1) a Chinese Communist-inspired gunman walks into a church of Taiwanese people (1 killed, multiple injured) because of anti-Taiwan animus; 2) dozens of white people are killed and injured by Black nationalist, White-hating believers in systemic racism (New York subway, Washington D.C., Waukesha Christmas parade); and 3) hundreds of Black people in Democrat-run cities are murdered by Black criminals with illegal guns.

Illegal “vote trafficking” gave Arizona, Georgia and Pennsylvania to Joe Biden in 2020; Donald Trump would have won 279 to 259 Electoral College votes without that multi-state fraud. Watch “2000 Mules” (theaters or online).

Unlimited abortion has minority support. Even fewer if scientific facts of detectable heartbeats (6 weeks), pain sensitivity (saline solution burns the fetus’s skin)—and the graphic pictures, videos and images of dismembered baby body parts from cutting up the formed infant’s body—were shown to people. No, it’s not the mother’s body once it has viability of living outside the mother’s womb. Pro-choice means rejecting irresponsible sex, choosing to use contraception, or choosing to let someone else raise the baby you don’t want.

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