Sunday, May 8, 2022




Like most conservatives, I used to think that most liberals are nice people who are misguided because they haven’t studied economics, don’t know anything about history or foreign policy, and so on. I no longer believe that to be the case. I don’t think it is possible to observe today’s liberalism without concluding that it is largely demonic.

For today’s case in point, observe this demonstration of pro-baby killers in front of Chief Justice John Roberts’ home:

These people are not nice, but ill-informed. They are evil. Anyone who says that abortion “saves lives” is, best case, deeply disturbed. Their protest also violates federal law and, if Roberts lives in Virginia, state law. (I haven’t followed the libs’ vicious doxxing posts to see where each Supreme Court justice resides.)

I believe there are January 6 election integrity protesters who have been imprisoned for well over a year despite, in many cases, doing nothing whatsoever wrong. How about these pro-abortion libs? Their mission is more sinister and their methods are more plainly illegal, since many and likely most of the January 6 protesters entered the Capitol at the invitation of Capitol Police.

So, will any of these pro-abortion criminals be jailed, let alone held without bail for a year and a half? Personally, I would be satisfied if each of them serves a mere three months in prison. But there is zero chance that will happen. Being a liberal has its privileges, as we have all come to understand.

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