Tuesday, May 17, 2022

Don's Tuesday Column

         THE WAY I SEE IT   by Don Polson  Red Bluff Daily News   5/17/2022

        Business mistakes vs. gov’t “foul ups”

Numerous problems Americans face, from gas/energy to inflation to food shortages, i.e. baby formula, pandemic-related upheavals and election corruption are explainable: “Reducing and limiting the reach, power, taxation and regulation of and by government may not solve all of America’s problems; however, growing and expanding government at every level is undoubtedly the cause.” It’s similar to Dan Bongino’s saying: “Republicans may not be the solution to all our problems, but [elected] Democrats are most certainly the cause.” Local Democrats are assuredly exempted.

There’s the governing class and the rest of us. People working for the government—especially in Washington, D.C. environs, and coastal mega-cities, the public sector, school and higher ed employees—constitute a stratum of taxpayer-supported citizenry that really do think and act differently than the rest of us. There are exceptions but they only prove the observation.

A degree or two removed are the consultancy, lobbying, advocacy and “think tank” industries, whose varied objectives include efforts to align government (especially federal) policies and laws with their priorities and clients. Together with national news media, little more than shills, advocates and propagandists on behalf of said government class, you have thinly-veiled ideological uni-party despotism.

Having conservative-leaning media provides a necessary reprieve and pushback to the near-monopoly of leftist narrative. There’s talk radio, Fox News, Newsmax, OAN, streaming podcasts and talk shows—if you do one thing, look up local broadcasts and, internet bandwidth willing, streaming of Mark Levin and Dan Bongino.

Consider how government in general, and the Biden regime in particular, created baby formula shortages, inflation, energy and gas price increases, and election fraud.

You may have heard that baby food manufacturer, Abbott Labs, had a product safety issue at a Michigan factory, involving the Food and Drug Administration and sick and dead infants. The FDA forced a recall of products which, together with other factors, emptied most shelves while mothers of infants that depended on those products desperately sought any source to avoid deprivation.

Misinformation, condemned by the Biden-crats elsewhere, issued from Jen Psaki and others over why shelves are bare. Hoarding by some mothers (a lie blithely said without proof), and accusations of fault by Abbott topped the list. The Wall Street Journal (wsj.com with pay wall) wrote “Why is there a baby-formula shortage? What to know and what’s being done about it.”

Theepochtimes.com article, free to online readers, “The baby formula shortage is serious” by Laura Rosen Cohen, May 12, has the writer’s personal experience with infants, breastfeeding and research with input from mothers. She quotes the wsj.com piece: “The agency said cronobacter sakazakii, a germ that can be deadly in infants, was detected in the Sturgis plant, but not in the products. The FDA said in a statement that findings during its inspection raised concerns that powdered formula made at the Sturgis plant carried a risk of contamination.”

Abbott responded to Psaki’s pathetic prevarications by saying (as the FDA also said) that not one of their products, in the factory, on shelves or in the homes of sickened infants, was contaminated. Yet, due to excess (and unwarranted) concern for “safety”—the physical health of untold infants, and mental health of their mothers was negatively impacted. As with COVID, an unbalanced “no risk” obsession ignored collateral damages. People and businesses make mistakes, but government hugely “fouls up.”

Are “pallets” of formula sent to the border and to Ukraine? Possibly, but the massive waves of illegal aliens (federal legal term), including mothers and infants, only cross the border due to Biden’s not completing the wall and welcoming them to stay. The baby formula should go to “Americans first”; Biden’s agencies knew in February that shortages loomed but did nothing. Trump would have acted fast.

Forget any causes for inflation other than government spending, printing and borrowing many trillions more than is taken in by taxes. COVID-19 didn’t depress production, create “supply chain” problems, shut down millions of businesses, force students into “remote learning,” and parents to stay home. Only government has the power to force all that, with armed agents and inspectors issuing fines.

To this day, they won’t own up to the faint risk from the virus posed to healthy children, youth and adults, all of whom could have lived normal lives as was done in Sweden and Florida. I reviewed my 2020 columns to see if, in fact, I had spread “misinformation.” Not once. Even in inaccurately estimating the death toll, I said—truthfully—that many, maybe over half, died not due to “COVID” alone, just with the virus in their bodies. Natural immunity is true.

Look up: “The evidence keeps pouring in showing the utter failure of all COVID mandates,” by Robert Zimmerman. The titles of almost 2 dozen linked articles should be enough to correct the mis/dis/mal-information you’ve consumed from Fauci, Birx, Collins, Biden, Psaki and media/government sources.

Think Biden’s blameless over gas and oil prices? His cancelling of lease sales in Alaska and the Gulf of Mexico proves otherwise. He lied that companies showed “no interest” in the Cook Inlet leases; no proof exists, as only when a sale is open to bid can “lack of interest” be demonstrated.

By using conflicting judicial rulings in the Gulf—a Trump judge said Biden could not legally cancel lease sales with his 2021 executive letter; an Obama judge said the illegal “social cost of carbon” standard was sufficient to cancel them—Biden just unilaterally ignored congressional law.

Dinesh D’Souza’s “2,000 mules” proves that illegally “trafficked” Biden votes in swing states’ Democrat-run areas, in fact, stole the election from President Donald J. Trump. `

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