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The evidence keeps pouring in showing the utter failure of all COVID mandates

The evidence keeps pouring in showing the utter failure of all COVID mandates

Since March 2020 I have repeatedly written that the response to the Wuhan flu was an utter mindless panic that had little to do with the facts. Right off the bat, the facts, not the models, suggested the virus would resemble the flu most of all, a possible mortal threat to the sick and elderly but generally nothing more than a short sickness to the general population, with it being almost utterly harmless to the young.

Nothing that has happened since has really changed these early conclusions. I have compiled below a collection of recent studies and reports that illustrate what we have learned following the epidemic and the panic that accompanied it. Sadly, that panic did little to stop the virus, but it left us with destroyed businesses, a crushed economy, many uneducated and damaged children, and a broken Bill of Rights.

The COVID jab

The failure of the jab in the United Kingdom
Study from November 2021showing the overall uselessness of the jab
in the United Kingdom last year.

The first set of stories show some recent studies analyzing the effectiveness and safety of the COVID shots, which are not vaccines because they simply do not prevent you from getting the virus. At best — though not yet proven — they might reduce the severity of the disease should you get it. The data however now suggests that though the overall risks are not large, the jab carries enough risk that in many cases, it makes no sense to get it. To require it, as many governments and businesses have done, is downright stupid and immoral. To fire nurses and doctors for refusing the shots is beyond stupid or immoral. It is evil.

Worse, these facts were known right from the initial tests, as the last story below shows. In the company’s initial trials they found that 1,223 people died within the first 28 days after taking the Pfizer shot. Such a result in past drug trials would have made impossible the approval of that drug.


WHO's do's and don't's for mask use
The WHO graphic on the proper use of masks, first published here in July 2020.
For the full images, go here and here.

These face diapers have been the ultimate symbol illustrating the mindless panic by governments and health officials during the epidemic. No study before the arrival of the Wuhan flu had ever found masks much use in preventing the spread of this kind of respiratory virus. All studies — for the past century — had instead showed the limited value of masks, even if used properly (as shown in the pre-2020 but still valid WHO graphic to the right). Since no one has ever used them properly, the masks instead became an unsanitary and dirty piece of cloth placed where people breathed and thus likely increased they chances of getting sick.

The data now proves this conclusion, which was obvious in 2020, when the first mask mandates were being imposed irrationally.

The following five stories, all published in the past three months, merely confirm these well known facts, facts that governments and the public decided for the past two years to blindly ignore, in their panic and fear.

The last story illustrates the negative consequences to society by the imposition of masks. They are inhuman, and encouraged us to treat others as things, while instilling anger and resentment in everyone. Getting rid of them might help, but the harm has been done. Our society has lost trust with itself because of these face diapers.

Other failed mandates

Sadly, the COVID shot and mask mandates were not the only bad policies imposed by govenments. The following stories document some of the others, such as the sudden demand that everyone clean surfaces obsessively, even though respiratory viruses have always been known to almost never transmit in that manner. We didn’t know for sure at first with COVID, but by May 2020 the data clearly showed the virus was like the flu, and did not require such rules. Yet, two years later people are still compulsively cleaning things over and over again, for no reason.

The harm done to children with the school closures and mask mandates cannot be measured. The future of society will certainly suffer by their suffering. Worse, that harm will be compounded by the repeated violation by government officials of the Bill of Rights and the law. The next generations will not only be more ignorant, they will be more used to living in a society that abuses power nonchalantly.

Some conclusions

Finally, there have been a plethora of studies summing up the overall consequences of the failed and panicky response to the Wuhan flu. The first story is especially important, as it found that states run by Democrats with the most mandates did the worst (New Jersey, New York, California, Illinois and Washington, D.C.) while states with the fewest mandates did the best (Utah, Nebraska, Vermont, Montana, and Florida).

The last story is for me the most infuriating. When COVID was first discovered, all the evidence — not the models — clearly showed it was nothing more than a new variant of the flu, requiring an initial slightly more aggressive treatment but nothing that different than what we normally do. No one however wanted to look at that evidence. Instead, everyone panicked, letting government officials tear up the Constitution and destroy our freedoms, all in the name of “safety” and “security.” Fear ruled, and so freedom and common sense died.

Let me conclude not with my words, but the words of my family doctor, Robert Lending, who in his weekly COVID update to his patients sent this summary out on May 10, 2022 (slightly shortened by me). Better than anyone, I think he makes very clear the number of fictions that have ruled our society in the past two years.

Facts and Fiction, Science and non-science [As of Mother’s Day 2022]:

  • Covid-19 is still around, and there will be ‘Hot Spots’…Fact, true, forever.
  • Covid-19 will become more dangerous and deadly as new strains appear…Fiction, and is already becoming a minor illness for most people.
  • Covid-19 can be “cured”…Fiction, and the body will fight it off similar to any viral infection; and generate natural immunity.
  • Covid-19 vaccinations and boosters will prevent infection…Fiction, total fiction. The vaccines, no matter how many, will not prevent infection. Vaccines with boosters will only decrease the likelihood of severe infections possibly leading to hospitalizations and death.
  • Covid-19 vaccinations and boosters will prevent spread and prevent transmitting the disease to others…Fiction, total fiction.
  • Covid-19 infection is prevented by masks, face shields, and quarantining…Fiction.
  • Covid-19 forced nasal swabs requirements prior to travel and to reenter the USA prevent Covid-19…Fiction. When will the US Gov’t. stop requiring nasal swabs to re-enter the USA, especially with many businesses calling to abolish this [people afraid to travel thinking that they might get stranded out of country]; as well as allowing 1-2 Million illegal border crossers to just come into the USA without testing and without vaccinations?
  • Covid-19 vaccination #4 [Booster on top of a Booster] will provide significant and prolonged additional immunity…Fiction.
  • Covid-19 vaccines are generally safe…Fact.
  • Covid-19 vaccine adverse reactions are grossly underreported [VAERS]…Fact.

We now live with the consequences of letting the fictions above rule. Whether we can fix this situation remains unknown, because to do so will require abandoning the fear that drove us to this foolishness, and it is still unclear Americans are willing to do so.


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