Sunday, May 22, 2022

Biden's Confusion Hits Absurd Peak in South Korea

Biden's Confusion Hits Absurd Peak in South Korea

AP Photo/Manuel Balce Ceneta

Joe Biden is in South Korea to talk about strengthening economic ties. But Joe being Joe, the visit has had its confusing moments. Indeed, the confusion started from the moment Joe touched down. He got off Air Force One wearing a mask, walking down the steps by himself with it on. But then, just as he got close to another person to greet him, he ripped it off. Someone is going to have to explain this to me because I look at it and all I think is his brain is no longer there. Either that or someone told him you can catch COVID from walking down airplane steps by yourself outside. Peak absurdity.

Not to mention having the sunglasses on, on an enclosed plane, but then taking those off too when he got out into the sun.

It got worse: He is trying to cement our economic ties with South Korea, but he can’t remember the name of the South Korean president about whom he is speaking and who is standing right next to him.

“Thank you all very much. And President Moon — Yoon, thank you for everything you’ve done so far,” Biden said as he concluded his remarks.

Moon Jae-in was the prior president. The current president is Yoon Suk Yeol.

Biden has a constant issue getting names and titles straight, but somehow it’s just a little more embarrassing when he does it to a foreign leader. He’s called Kamala Harris “President Harris” several times at this point; the last time was last week, at the ASEAN summit, before foreign leaders. He referred to one of the Buffalo mass shooting victims by the wrong first name and got other details wrong about them. When he was last in Washington State, he not only confused titles, he managed to misgender a member of Congress, although the man was sitting in front of him. Biden then dropped off any titles or first names of any members of Congress to whom he was referring, just referring to them by their last names, so he wouldn’t do that again.

Then, with Joe, there’s always the battle with the teleprompter: Does he see it, read it correctly or even know what he’s saying half the time? It’s a constant question.

“We are, uh, being part of this transformative automobile sector and accelerating us on the road where we’re gonna be handing, uh, to, uh, the United States an all-electric future,” Biden said.

He’s so concentrated on the illusory all-electric future and forcing us into it, that he can’t figure out how to deal with the present and how his attacks on energy are making everything worse and contributing to skyrocketing gas prices. Sen. Dan Sullivan (R-AK) called him out on the things that he was doing just in the past three weeks that have been harmful.

But there was trouble even before Biden got to South Korea. Two Secret Service employees — an agent and an armed security specialist — who were there to prep for Biden’s visit, went out to several bars and then got involved in an “alcohol-fueled” “altercation” during which the police were called. A report was filed and they were ordered back to the United States. The Secret Service admitted to possible “potential policy violations” and said the two would be placed on administrative leave.

Not a great look.

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