Sunday, May 8, 2022

Musk Makes Mincemeat of Medhi Hasan for His Meltdown Over the GOP and Midterms

Musk Makes Mincemeat of Medhi Hasan for His Meltdown Over the GOP and Midterms

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We’ve seen people on the left melting down ever since it was announced that Elon Musk had worked out a deal to buy Twitter.

The problem? He believes in free speech and the powers that be — the liberal elite that has held sway for so long with so many media outlets and on the social media platforms — suddenly believed there was a challenge to their control of the narrative.

But we have to hand it to MSNBC and NBC leftist Mehdi Hasan for combining his meltdown against Elon with the Republicans and the midterms, so he could have the trifecta of tantrums. Gotta love his completely fictional take on the pure as the driven snow left vs. the Neo-Nazi right who are white supremacists.

“If [the “neo-Nazi faction” of the GOP expands in Nov.], we may look back on this .. as a pivotal moment, when a petulant & not-so-bright billionaire casually bought one of the most influential messaging machines & just handed it to the far-right”

The left just wants to give us free healthcare and free childcare. Let’s just forget about the anarcho-Communism, the defunding of police, the suppression of speech, and the radical leftist riots that burnt cities. Just pretend you don’t see all that and the significant harm that resulted. And yes, there are some crazy people on the far right. Folks like Hasan see QAnon in their dreams and are far more obsessed with them than anyone on the right is. But you know why the left is far more dangerous? They have control of media organs, they have a great influence on the Democratic Party. It’s why the country has been lurching left at great speed ever since Barack Obama, but especially in the past couple of years. If anything, the problem on the right is not enough people realizing the danger of the far left — too many RINOS who don’t realize that all needs to be in to stop the Democrats and the movement to the far left. It’s why you have people who formerly considered themselves liberal like Elon Musk and Bill Maher now calling out the Democrats for that radical movement. Musk even provided a graph for easy understanding of that movement.

But as we see with Hasan, Musk is “petulant and not-so-bright” because he’s said he wants to ensure free speech and because he would have control of that “influential messaging machine” that they formerly had control of. Therefore, he too is “far-right” and dangerous. This is how they operate — it’s the Saul Alinsky method and they see him as using that platform in the same way they did. It’s a projection. That they’re afraid that they can’t control the narrative before the election and some truth might slip out. That’s what they’re concerned about. It tells you what they think about Twitter and how they used it. They will demonize anyone who gets in their way as “far-right,” “QAnon,” “neo-Nazi” or “white supremacist.”

But as Musk has said he doesn’t start fights, but he’s not afraid to weigh in and bust up the falsehoods, and he did so here with Hasan’s tantrum. Musk busted Hasan for calling Republicans Nazis.

Then he didn’t hold back and skewered NBC for the stories they had “covered up” including the Hunter Biden laptop story, Harvey Weinstein, and Matt Lauer.

Dang, you can’t get more direct than that. It sounds like the “not-so-bright billionaire” has Hasan’s and NBC’s numbers. He certainly seems to have been following along. This may be the best dissection of the left that you’ve seen in a while.

Musk is one of the most successful men in the world, launching people into space and founding transformative companies. Hasan…spins leftist dreck on NBC. Who is more “petulant” here? Hint: it’s not Musk.

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