Tuesday, February 7, 2023




…all the time. But you can fool most of them some of the time, e.g. last November.

Still, if Gallup has it right, quite a few people have caught on. Americans now say that our biggest problem is our government, up six points from last November and December:

That our government is indeed our biggest problem is reinforced by the fact that most of our other major problems are caused by terrible government policies.

Inflation is 100% attributable to the Biden administration and Congress.

The illegal immigration problem is entirely the responsibility of the Biden administration: Trump had it under control.

Our woeful economy, largely the result of inflation, terrible covid policies and over-regulation, is mostly the government’s fault. Times were vastly better during the Trump administration.

I am not sure that “unifying the country” is one of our big problems–I would just as soon keep it divided and smash the Left–but the current climate of hate is the responsibility of liberals, inside and outside of government.

Race relations are indeed poor, a problem caused mostly by the incessant race-baiting of Democratic Party politicians.

Poverty, hunger and homelessness are not entirely the government’s fault–the poor we have with us always–but these problems are greatly contributed to by the fact that our country 1) has a terrible drug problem, mostly the government’s fault–fentanyl streaming across the southern border–and 2) doesn’t have an adequate mental health system, having emptied the asylums years ago.

Crime has risen rapidly after decades of decline. Why? Because of anti-police propaganda by the Left, and anti-police and pro-criminal policies urged by liberal activists and implemented by liberal district attorneys and other city and county authorities.

Which leaves Ethical/Moral/Family decline. This is mostly individuals’ fault, not the government’s, although one is hard-pressed to see how our public policies of recent years have been a positive rather than negative influence.

That is the scorecard, and the bottom line is: we need a new administration and a radically different Congress in Washington, and new leadership in many of our states. That is the bad news. The good news is that a lot of people have figured it out.


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