Friday, February 17, 2023

Techno-Hell: The Rise of the 'COVID-19 Influencer'

Techno-Hell: The Rise of the 'COVID-19 Influencer'

Techno-Hell: The Rise of the 'COVID-19 Influencer'

At the toxic intersection of lockdown politics and social media, a new sort of internet star has risen: the “COVID-19 influencer.”

The now-entrenched “Zero COVID” subculture isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. And they need social media diversion as much as any techno-slave out there.

Hence the “COVID-19 influencer,” whose online activity pertains almost exclusively to COVID-19 fear porn and whom the government has utilized to induce compliance for its various injection and lockdown programs within the population. Via Spectrum News:

Dozens of Twitch streamers, YouTubers and TikTokers are helping the White House as it tries drum up vaccination numbers and combat the scourge of vaccine misinformation being spread on social media… the White House has teamed up with the firm Village Marketing and Made to Save, a national campaign aimed at promoting access to coronavirus vaccines, in using influencers to help with its message.

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True believers, though, disseminate the biomedical state’s COVID propaganda for free — while hilariously deluding themselves into believing they are on the side of the downtrodden. Here, an attractive young COVIDian with an anarchy symbol as her name models a brand-new N95 mask for her followers.

The pro-lockdown, pro-vax-mandate Branch COVIDian fascists insist on unironically branding themselves “antifascists” and “anarchists;” methinks they don’t know what those labels mean. Alas, most of them went to public school, so it’s not surprising that they don’t understand basic political terminology.

Another COVID influencer tactic is to fearmonger about so-called “Long COVID” to maximize the coronavirus terror. This is done to diminishing returns, but not for lack of trying.

(The scientific evidence in support of the “Long COVID” theory is dubious.)

COVID influencers also frequently accuse governments that allow schools and businesses to reopen without restrictions and the public health figures who support those efforts as “eugenicists:”

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