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An Open Letter to the WEF: Dear Klaus, You Will Not Own Me, and You Will Like It

An Open Letter to the WEF: Dear Klaus, You Will Not Own Me, and You Will Like It

An Open Letter to the WEF: Dear Klaus, You Will Not Own Me, and You Will Like It
Laurent Gillieron

The apparatchiks at the World Economic Forum (WEF) — which is an unelected group of globalists who want to control us — released this video in 2018. They are calling their eight plans for world domination by 2030 mere “predictions.” But if there’s one thing I know for certain, communists are lying genocidal maniacs, and we can’t risk it. Let’s cut the fecal matter of greenhouse gas-producing bovines and call it what it really is: a plan.

The First “prediction” the WEF has for us is, “you will own nothing and you will be happy.”

I count two commands — not predictions — in that sentence, and I’m a hard “no” on both.

For starters, I’m not giving up my lunchbox collection. If you think taking guns from people will be difficult, wait until you have to pry my Archies box from my cold, dead fingers. Don’t even get me started on Chitty-Chitty-Bang-Bang.

Kevin Downey, Jr.

Also, the only other people who have historically tried to control what people can and can not own were communists who coincidentally killed 100,000,000 people in 100 years.

How’s this? We will own what we want, and you will stop being creepy, fascist authoritarians.

And while we are at it, let’s get to “prediction” #4:

FACT-O-RAMA! WEF “prediction” # 4 — “You will eat much less meat. An occasional treat, not a staple, for the good of the environment and your health.” 

Or, more likely, you want to purloin my sirloin to deprive me of protein and make it easier for you to slaughter me. Last time I checked, vegans are easy to beat up.

If you think I’ll defend my lunch pail collection, then wait until you come for my monthly Butcher Box.

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I’m also not down with “prediction” # 2: “The U.S. won’t be the world’s leading superpower. A handful of countries will dominate.”

Not happening. Italy, Germany, and Japan tried that a while back. The United States burned cities in Germany and Japan to the ground to avoid just this scenario you’re “predicting.” Afterward, we celebrated with one of the greatest economic booms in history. That’s a win-win for We the People.

This leads us to # 5: A billion people “relocating” to Western countries.

Touché, you got me there, you rascal! Yes, Joe Biden is allowing that to take place right now. Third-world, military-aged males are pouring into the U.S. and staying at four-star hotels for free (and they are not very grateful).

Europe is inundated with Muslims, whose culture is widely different from the West. Unlike our friends in Europe, we Americans are not ok with “no-go zones.”

IRONY-O-RAMA! Speaking of “no-go zones” I grew up in Detroit.

I’m not happy about these invasions, especially the Islamic ones. No, it’s not because I’m “racist.” It’s because many people around the world don’t share my values. Call me a wacky-doodle, but I’m not OK with throwing gay people off buildings. Nor am I down with raping thousands of women with different religious views.

Also, last time I checked, Western women are fond of their educations and their genitals and aren’t likely to give up either.

Speaking of which, “prediction” #8 is disturbing too.

“Western values will have been tested to the breaking point. Checks and balances that undermine our democracies must not be forgotten.”

I’m confused. I don’t know what that means but — as I just said — I like my values. You should leave them alone.

Western values are the bedrock of a peaceful society. That’s the reason more people emigrate to the U.S. than any other country, (according to your website manifesto).

How have our values been “tested to the breaking point?” They make people happy, peaceful, and prosperous. I kinda, sorta think your “checks and balances” might be commie-rific bulls**t.

All kidding aside Klaus, f**k you. If you want my freedoms, liberties, steaks, home, and lunchboxes, you can come and try to take them, but I’ll shoot you.

I don’t want to fight, but if you make us, we will. l already told you what we did the last time fascists tried to take over the world.

AP/Reuters Feed Library

We Americans still have the Second Amendment and will giddily ventilate your scrawny, vegan, gluten-free, beef-starved, trans-pansexual commie legions.

So let’s just call it even. You go spend your billions of dollars, and I’ll enjoy my ribeye, bourbon, and liberties.

Just keep in mind that we are watching you.


The not-suicidal Kevin Downey, Jr.

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