Tuesday, February 7, 2023

New Pre-SOTU Poll Brings Terrible News for Team Biden

New Pre-SOTU Poll Brings Terrible News for Team Biden

AP Photo/Andrew Harnik

When President Biden takes to the rostrum of the House of Representatives to deliver his second State of the Union address on Tuesday night, he'll be speaking to a country that remains overwhelmingly underwhelmed by his efforts to supposedly "build back better."

This was again confirmed by a Washington Post-ABC News poll that found more than 60 percent of Americans say Biden has not accomplished much through the first half of his term:

The poll finds that 62 percent of Americans think Biden has accomplished “not very much” or “little or nothing” during his presidency, while 36 percent say he has accomplished “a great deal” or “a good amount.” On many of Biden’s signature initiatives — from improving the country’s infrastructure to making electric vehicles more affordable to creating jobs — majorities of Americans say they do not believe he has made progress, the poll finds.

Oof. As the Post rightfully notes, this poll shows a reality that "raises the stakes of Biden's prime time speech on Tuesday" in which he and his administration hope to "tout his accomplishments." And while liberal WaPo and the Biden administration expects Americans to be impressed that Biden and Democrats in Congress passed a handful of tax-and-spend bills, the effects of that legislation might be why Americans aren't rushing to applaud Biden's "success."

Even Biden's Secretary of Transportation Pete Buttigieg was asked by NBC News' Chuck Todd on Sunday about why Biden administration actions aren't being recognized by the American people:

Perhaps its that record-high gas prices, inflation driving prices beyond what's been seen in 40 years, multiple transportation system crises, an open border, rising lawlessness, and a looming/worsening recession aren't the kind of things that communicate "success" to Americans? It's almost as if Biden's lies about how well the country is doing, how secure the border is, and how perfect a leader he is aren't landing. 

But of course NBC News, WaPo, and Democrats think the issue is with Americans who aren't impressed by Biden policies, and not that Biden's policies are the issue. 'Just smile and say thank you,' is the mainstream media and Democrats' implied message when those pesky real Americans don't show enough gratitude to their Biden administration overlords. 

If that's the tone Biden decides to take in his State of the Union address on Tuesday, he shouldn't expect things to get any better as he decides whether to run for reelection in 2024. 


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