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America’s Real Domestic Terrorism Threat

America’s Real Domestic Terrorism Threat

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Sunday School was a fixture of my life as a kid. My mom and dad made it a priority, and over time I participated in junior and senior choir, the church youth group and as an acolyte on Sundays. It’s what normal families did, including mine. 

My parents thought it important that I be raised to participate in church life. But what was important to my parents is not so important today. A January 24 Pew Research study shows that only 35 percent of parents believe it’s very important or extremely important that their kids have religious beliefs similar to their own. 

The Pew data correlate to some degree with a January 5 study by the American Enterprise Institute and the Survey Center on American Life, which shows that one third of Americans don’t go to church at all. While church attendance fell precipitously during the COVID era because of government-mandated closures, attendance has not fully rebounded. 

There are many factors that contribute to this decline. But one trend certainly accounts for part of it: the ongoing slander of Christianity and the Bible by militant Leftists, and the violence perpetrated by them.

Millions of Americans believe the Bible is the inspired, inerrant and infallible word of God. It is not merely a collection of stuff written by ancient scribes but what God tells us about the world and how to live our lives well. Not all of the Bible’s contents have been empirically demonstrated as true, but none of it has been shown to be untrue. 

The Left, on the other hand, continuously agitates against the Bible and people who believe in it. This is a defined strategy. Totalitarians are dedicated to the defamation of scripture because the smart ones know it is true. They also know it’s a threat to their ideology of tyranny and a barrier to implementing the human bondage they seek. 

Much of this slander comes from the authoritarian LGBTQ crowd. They love to libel Christians and the Bible as fonts of hate and bigotry. They are tools of the American Left and frankly, they’re really good at it. 

The Daily Kos is a reliable source of Leftist lunacy, as demonstrated by this quaint little item. It may be hilarious to consider any biblical analysis provided by someone whose worldview aligns with God-hating Marxists but do not underestimate these people. 

Totalitarians in Loudoun County, Virginia despise Christians so much, some of these fanatics started a petition to prevent “hate speech” after a school board meeting attendee quoted scripture. 

Churches across America have reported skyrocketing cases of vandalism, arson and more over the past several years, with most of these crimes being ignored by the U.S. Department of Justice. Not investigating or prosecuting acts of violence against churches is part of the strategy to encourage more violent intimidation of church goers. 

Across the Atlantic, things are also pretty bad but there are sprouts of normalcy. The UK government recently prosecuted a street preacher for the crime of publicly reading from the Bible. Thankfully, prosecutors (persecutors?) later decided it was “inappropriate” to argue the preacher was saying offensive things. 

When adults and kids are bombarded by violence, slander and threats, it’s no wonder parents aren’t keen on raising their children to share their religious beliefs. In today’s anti-religion frenzy, they’re apt to be bullied, screamed at, ostracized, even injured or murdered by a small group of violent Leftists. 

We need to call this what it is - domestic terrorism. When people, churches and faith-based organizations are routinely attacked through harassment, violence and destruction of property, I cannot think of a more accurate term to describe this behavior. 

Terrorists engage in terrorism because they can get away with it. President Biden’s Justice Department is disinterested in investigating anti-religion terrorism so it would not be surprising to see this dangerous trend continue. We can only hope that Congress is able to compel the administration to take an interest in the terrorism that targets the faith of millions of Americans. 

Rep. Jim Jordan, who chairs the House Judiciary Committee, is being asked to investigate the situation and with any luck, he’ll be able to persuade his colleagues and the Biden administration to finally do something to stem this tide of violence. 

But we don’t have to wait for Congress or the administration to act. We can stare down these Leftists and do the normal thing - go to church and take our kids with us. Families engaging in corporate worship is likely to enrage authoritarians so it could be a bit risky. 

But some things are worth the risk and this is one of them. As God told the warrior Joshua, “Be strong and courageous. Do not be frightened, and do not be dismayed.” The time for strength and courage is now.

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