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Split Vote to Condemn 'Horrors of Socialism' Shows Democrats Have a Socialism Problem

Split Vote to Condemn 'Horrors of Socialism' Shows Democrats Have a Socialism Problem

Split Vote to Condemn 'Horrors of Socialism' Shows Democrats Have a Socialism Problem
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A recent vote on the House floor to condemn the “Horrors of Socialism” proved what many people already knew about the Democrat Party; it is infested with socialists.

According to Fox News, the vote was used as a litmus test by Republicans to have proud socialists step forward and declare themselves. Sure enough, 86 out of 109 Democrats did:

Republicans called up the resolution as a way to remind the public that socialist policies – which they fear have been creeping into American life after two years of Democrat control in Washington – go against the values on which America was founded. House Majority Leader Steve Scalise, R-La., said Thursday that socialism is “one of the most destructive ideologies in world history.”

As expected, the resolution split Democrats, as some have openly described themselves as adherents of “democratic socialism.” As a group, Democrats narrowly voted in favor of the resolution by a 109-86 tally, even though every Democrat who debated the bill spoke against the resolution.

Naturally, Democrats had a shallow defense for their resistance to the vote. According to California Democrat Maxine Waters, the entire vote was a precursor to the elimination of social security and other welfare programs:

“Americans know better than the fearmongering we see here today,” Waters said. “They know, for example, that when the pandemic hit and people were dying all across this country, it was the federal government that stepped in to provide trillions of dollars of support to small businesses, workers, ranchers, students, seniors, and would you believe it, even Republican members of Congress.”

“Historically, Republicans have tried to label as socialist any Democratic actions that improve the lives of Americans,” added Rep. Nydia Velazquez, D-N.Y. “This is what Republicans call socialism. From climate action and public education to affordable care and Social Security, Republicans classify popular government programs to help working families as socialism.”

Because they are socialist programs. It should also be noted that Waters is correct. The federal government did shell out money to businesses and individuals, but it was fleeting amounts of money that paled in comparison to having a job or owning a business, the same jobs and businesses that Democrats insisted needed to be shuttered and terminated in order to protect the people from a virus that had a survival rate in the 98th percentile.

It’s all a red herring anyway. There was no mention in the proposal about the elimination of any programs.

The point is that Democrats are infested with the belief that an over-arching government presence that controls the means of production is the best form of government, a claim that has been proven demonstrably false on occasion after occasion.

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Waters herself made it clear years ago that this was, indeed, the ultimate aim of the Democrat Party, a fact that Texas Rep. Chip Roy recently reminded both America and Waters of.

“And guess what, this liberal will be all about?” asked Waters of an oil executive back in 2008. “This liberal will be all about socializing, would be about basically taking over the government and the government running all of your companies.”

Other Democrats such as those that belong to “The Squad,” including AOC, Rashida Tlaib, Ilhan Omar, and Cori Bush all have openly socialist leanings and have cheered on various pro-communist groups such as Black Lives Matter and Antifa.

This socialist disease that infects the Democrat Party has sadly infected the country itself and its effects can be seen in many places, especially in the state of California where socialist policies are the state party’s bread and butter. It can also be seen in Universities to a horrifying degree.

No matter how you swing it, the Democrat Party might not be entirely given over to socialism but it is to such a degree that it’s now defining it.

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