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Robert Bryce identifies the culprits behind the war on natural gas:

According to the latest report from Guidestar, [Climate Imperative] took in $221 million in its first full year of operation. … That means that Climate Imperative, which is less than three years old, is already taking in more cash than the Sierra Club…
[T]he effort to “electrify everything” and ban the use of natural gas in homes and businesses – and that includes gas stoves — is part of a years-long, lavishly funded campaign that is being bankrolled by some of the world’s richest people.

Like who?

A source with knowledge of [Climate Imperative’s] funding told me this week that the majority of the money is coming from [Silicon Valley venture capitalist John] Doerr and [Laurene Powell] Jobs. Forbes magazine estimates that Doerr has a net worth of $12.7 billion. Forbes puts Jobs’ net worth at $17.7 billion.

Leftists attack gas stoves on the ground that they cause childhood asthma, a false claim:

[The Rocky Mountain Institute’s] asthma claims don’t stand up to scrutiny. Perhaps the most-definitive analysis of the issue was a 2013 study published in Lancet Respiratory Medicine which studied half a million school children in 47 countries over a multi-year period. It relied on questionnaires filled out by the mothers of children. What did it find? “We detected no evidence of an association between the use of gas as a cooking fuel and either asthma symptoms or asthma diagnosis.”

Furthermore, just a day or two after the RMI paper came out, the group walked back its claim about asthma, with one RMI official telling the Washington Examiner that the study “does not assume or estimate a causal relationship” between childhood asthma and natural gas stoves.

The Rocky Mountain Institute’s false claims are funded by Jeff Bezos, among others.

Actually, Bryce says, banning gas stoves would be bad for the environment:

banning the direct use of natural gas in homes and businesses may be worse for the climate. You read that right. Burning gas directly allows consumers to use about 90% of the energy contained in the fuel. Using gas indirectly — by converting it into electricity and then using that juice to power a heat pump, stove, or water heater — wastes more than half of the energy in the fuel.

Which means double the CO2 emissions.

Much, much more at the link, including the ridiculous “carbon footprints” of the billionaires who are trying to take away your gas stoves.

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