Wednesday, October 19, 2022

Voters care more about inflation than Democrats' democracy fearmongering

Voters care more about inflation than Democrats' democracy fearmongering


Zachary Faria, Commentary Writer

Liberal pundits and reporters are upset that voters care more about inflation than they do about the demise of American democracy. In truth, voters care more about inflation than they do about the Democratic Party's fearmongering toward that end.

CNN’s White House reporter Stephen Collinson is one of the many who gets this analysis wrong. Collinson glibly claims that voters “may care more about the cost of french fries” than the “price of democratic freedoms.” It’s no surprise, not even to Collinson. The economy is “a far more visceral issue in daily life than the threat to American democracy,” he notes, and the anxiety of voters is easily explained by inflation data.


That won’t stop Collinson from complaining that people aren’t paying attention to the Jan. 6 commission, though. “The difficulty that democracy proponents have had in turning their fight into a defining political issue … underscores the findings of experts who have studied the rise of authoritarian societies abroad,” Collinson writes, touting the leftist line as if there is no middle ground. “Often, voters only realize that their democracy is dying is when it’s too late.”

Of course, the “democracy proponents” he is referring to are Democratic politicians. You may recall that Democrats have been boosting election deniers in GOP primaries in the hopes of giving themselves beatable general election opponents. Cynical Democratic strategists, along with former President Donald Trump, want the Republican Party to be made up of the very election deniers that Collinson claims are about to bring the end of America's democracy.

Of course, most Democratic pols don’t care that much about the country's electoral system either. Some of them have denied the result of elections in 2000, 2004, 2016, and 2018, talking about elections being stolen or about voting machines or about their opponents being illegitimate . Democrats attack the Electoral College, the structure of the Senate, and the legitimacy of the Supreme Court every time they lose an election or court battle.

Lest we forget, a major question during the 2020 Democratic presidential primary was about whether or not candidates would support turning the Supreme Court into a brazen political arm of the Democratic Party through court-packing. President Joe Biden, he who so bravely vanquished the reckless tyrant Trump so he could restore our norms, has not yet ruled out supporting court-packing.

The Democratic Party is not some selfless, virtuous group dedicated to saving America's democracy. It is a political party that pursues political power and has a decadeslong record of complaining that elections that don’t grant them that power are unfair, stolen, illegitimate, and should be “reformed.” Voters aren’t prioritizing french fries over democracy. They are rightly ignoring the idea that Democrats care about democracy more than anybody else does, because they see through the Democratic Party’s fearmongering act.

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