Monday, October 24, 2022

Kari Lake Goes Savage on Reporter for Dubbing Her an 'Election Denier'

Kari Lake Goes Savage on Reporter for Dubbing Her an 'Election Denier'

AP Photo/Ross D. Franklin

It is true that I wasn’t particularly impressed with Lake’s recent response to repeated questions about whether she would accept the election results if she loses her election — especially considering how well she handles this subject other times.

When Lake has been asked about being an “election denier,” she quickly makes the reporter regret it. It’s actually amazing that the media hasn’t learned to stop asking that question. But alas, they still think they’ve found the ultimate gotcha question. They simply don’t count on Lake having the receipts to prove that, when it comes to denying election results, Republicans can’t hold a candle to Democrats, who routinely question election results when they lose.

During a campaign stop on Monday, Lake was asked her thoughts about her name being linked to denying election results, and she really let the reporter have it.

“I’m actually shocked you asked that question,” she said before she called upon a young campaign staffer named Anthony to present 150 examples of Democrats denying election results. She took the stack of paper from him and went to town. “Is that an election denier?”

She then cited Hillary Clinton calling Trump an “illegitimate president” and a Los Angeles Times op-ed titled, “Was the 2016 election legitimate? It’s now definitely worth asking the question.”

“So it’s okay for Democrats to question elections, but it’s not okay for Republicans. It’s a crock of B.S. Every one of you knows that,” Lake continued. “We have our freedom of speech and we’re not going to relinquish it to a bunch of fake news.”

Lake then noted that Democrats have been questioning the legitimacy of elections at least since 2000 and pointed out that it’s the real problem. “All we’re asking is that in the future, we don’t have that have to happen anymore,” she said.

But the most important part of her verbal onslaught was when she said, “When I’m Governor, we’re gonna make sure we have honest elections. We want the Democrats, the independents, and the Republicans to all know that their vote counted. We want fair, honest, and transparent elections, and we’re going to deliver that for the people.”

This is actually what Democrats are afraid of. They don’t want fair, honest, or transparent elections, and they’ve been fighting Republican efforts to make our elections more secure. We need to expose the efforts of the left to undermine our election

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