Tuesday, October 25, 2022

Don's Tuesday Column

    THE WAY I SEE IT   by Don Polson   Red Bluff Daily News   10/25/2022

Dem panic, desperation, denialism

Weather should be delightful for visiting the Republican booth across from Taco Bell: volunteer, register, take home some gear. BTW, James Gallagher (State Assembly District 3) deserves your vote, as do Brian Dahle and Doug LaMalfa. Doug recommends “NO” on Propositions 1, and 27 through 31. Ballot descriptions are explanation enough. Check Barbara Klotz for RBHS Board of Trustees.

Political reality emerges from unlikely places, like the recent New York Times/Siena poll. Whereas Democrats have expected nearly 90 percent “ownership” of the Black vote, and about 70 percent of Hispanic votes—current trends undermine Democrat complacence.

18 percent of Black voters prefer Republicans; as do 34 percent of Hispanics (the most since 2004), enough to deprive Dems of national election wins.

The “top line” generic ballot question is panic-inducing: “Which party’s candidate are you more likely to vote for in this year’s election for Congress?” It signals voter sentiment; Republicans often over-perform in November. If the generic poll is evenly split, Rs will do better than the Ds; any Republican advantage predicts sizable gains over the Dems.

Party polling fortunes change; Democrats enjoyed a bump over abortion after the Supreme Court’s Dobbs decision. However, even partisan observers know that summer trends fade like a high school vacation fling, giving way to Labor Day-October political and economic reality approaching November.

If the NYT/Siena generic poll holds—R 49 percent to D 45 percent, and a 32-point swing by Independent women to Rs—Democrats should prepare for a “drubbing,” a Republican gain of dozens of House seats and several Senate seats. A Trump-ian, Make America Great Again Congress will inflict serious “pay back” for years of political hijinks and abuse at Pelosi’s and Schumer’s hands: hearings, subpoenas, investigations and “lawyered-up” Dems.

The generational breakdown spells worse Democrat fortunes. While Millennial and Gen Z voters choose Democrat by 50+ to 40 percent, they’re the least reliable voters, compared to Gen X and Boomers. The 45- to 64-year-old Gen Xers trended right, after seeing Baby Boomer leftist dalliances; they’re also old enough to have learned that if you’re still a socialist in middle age, you don’t have a brain. That 45 to 64 y. o. group leans Republican 59 to 38 percent. Even the “peace, love, rock ‘n roll” Boomers are balanced at 48 R to 48 D.

The counterintuitive Breibart.com headline, “Donald Trump is America’s Most Popular Politician,” is accurate according to the respected Harvard CAPS-Harris poll. Overall popularity is “favorable” minus “unfavorable” responses. At 47 to 47, Trump has a zero net favorability score; Joe Biden, “His Fraudulency,” has 43 favorable to 51 unfavorable, for a net favorability of “minus 8.” Her Eloquence, Kamala Harris, has a minus 10, with only 40 percent favorable. Nancy Pelosi is minus 22 points; Hillary Clinton, minus 13.

“Recession deniers,” naively believing happy talk from Biden et al, should sit down and shut up as 84 percent of Americans believe we already are, or will be, in a recession. Trump had double-digit higher approval than current Biden approval on the Economy, Jobs, Terrorism, Immigration and Foreign Policy. Police earn 68 percent approval; Black Lives Matter, 44 percent. Most important issues: Inflation, Economy and Jobs. Elsewhere, nearly 60 percent see mainstream media as a threat to democracy. Media works hard to disinform.

There are darn good reasons why “Democrat’s last-ditch effort to rally base unlikely to turn tide in their favor as midterms approach,” (theepochtimes.com). Or, as Dan Bongino says, “Republicans are not the solution to all your problems, but Democrats are definitely the cause.”

Take inflation (you don’t have a choice and you never voted for it). The total money allocated for pandemic relief, stimulus, “paycheck protection,” etc. was an increase in the national money supply of around 15 percent. Cha-zam—we’re seeing 15 percent inflation on average (8.2% is manipulated).

Rep. James Clyburn (D-S.C.) was asked on MSNBC “What do you say to people who say ‘Washington can talk about big programs…but I’m worried about the cost of food, eggs, chicken, gasoline, heating,’ concerns that hit very directly to people?” Clyburn: “All of us are concerned about these rising costs, and all of us knew this would be the case when we put in place this recovery program. Any time you put more money into the economy, prices tend to rise.”

They’re not stupid—they knew they were inflating prices; they knew paying people not to work would make millions of “un-workers;” they knew shutting down schools and businesses would damage irreplaceable learning, and kill many thousands of small businesses. They knew Biden’s “war on fossil fuels” would drastically raise oil and gas prices, a core part of inflation aside from demand and supply.

Biden’s shameless raid on 40 percent of America’s Strategic Petroleum Reserve for crass midterm politics proves what critics have said: American energy, when extracted, lowers prices at the pump. Biden just wants to use what’s stored, instead of drilling; What a hypocrite.

Biden’s doing nothing about the looming diesel fuel shortage; it’s not stored anywhere and he’s not allowing drilling, or building refineries. Biden’s energy depression looms; he’s our “stagflation” president.

“This is literally all they have. They will make food unaffordable. They will castrate your children. They’ll freeze you in winter. They’ll cuisinart bald eagles and other endangered species. They’ll open the border wide to invasion and make you pay all the expenses of the invaders. They’ll humiliate and denigrate America at home and abroad. They’ll arrest whoever dares defy them, and throw away the key. They’ll start WWIII.

“But hey, they’ll let you kill your children, so vote for them.” (Sarah Hoyt)

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