Tuesday, October 4, 2022

Don's Tuesday Column

          THE WAY I SEE IT   by Don Polson  Red Bluff Daily News   10/04/2022

Leftist drugs fry America’s brain

Look for the Republican headquarters on Main St. across from Taco Bell; visit, volunteer.

Those old enough may recall a 1980s public service announcement, part of the commendable “War on drugs.” Ironically, not unlike the “War on poverty” where poverty seemingly won, drugs have apparently won. Pot has arguably become “mainstream” through legalization, even cultural promotion. Current formulations of marijuana have, however, been engineered to deliver many times the concentration found in baggies 50+ years ago, making it comparable to heroin or LSD.

Oregon has basically legalized most drugs. Results are dramatic: record overdose deaths and “homeless camp” open-air drug emporiums. They’re not idyllic, flower-children, “peace, man” meccas, but feature aggressive panhandling, abusive relationships, drug-induced stupor, harassment of retail stores, and behavior worthy of jail in previous decades.

The anti-drug p.s.a. featured an egg in a frying pan; the voice-over: “This is your brain.” The egg is then smashed with another pan, as well as everything on the stove, counters and shelves. Message: “This is your brain on drugs.”

America’s collective brain—or at least the brains most susceptible to the progressive left’s assault on traditional, common-sense values—is being “fried” by the ideological drug of “woke-ism.” This happens, not spontaneously but by design.

In the last 10 days: N.M. Republican Mark Ronchetti’s home window was shot out; two staffers for Tex. Republican Gov. Abbott were violently assaulted; a Michigan 83-year-old pro-life volunteer passing out information was shot in the back; and 18-year-old North Dakota resident Cayler Ellingson was run over and murdered in a politically motivated attack (Cayler was a conservative Republican; the killer feared his politics). Coincidentally, Joe Biden lambasted Republicans as “semi-fascists” and Ohio Dem. Tim Ryan said “kill MAGA.”

In the ideologically “fried” progressive brain, those wanting to return the power of government literally to the people (i.e. let people in the states and their elected representatives decide abortion laws) are casually called “fascists.” Yet those who want to endlessly increase federal power—COVID and “green energy” mandates, unconstitutional election laws, and prosecution of political opponents—are just promoting “democracy.”

Thomas Massie (R-KY), citing H.R. 8446—Global Food Security Reauthorization Act of 2022—tweeted: “Shameful. We are about to vote on a $10 billion foreign aid bill titled ‘Global Food Security,’ while our military is advising soldiers to apply for food stamps (SNAP) to deal with the inflation that bills like this have caused.”

Kamala Harris, the progressive woke-fried brain who’s second-in-line-to-run-the-nation, said hurricane relief should be given to the “lowest income [and] communities of color that are most impacted by issues that are not of their own making…that is about giving resources based on equity…” For more word salad gibberish, see “Kamala Harris ripped for claiming government's Hurricane Ian relief will prioritize ‘communities of color.’”

Perhaps the best non-woke leader, Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis, approvingly noted that property owners wrote, on their plywood-boarded homes, “You loot, we shoot,” a one-time common-sense reaction to the sick, criminal thieves preying on disaster victims.

The international woke-demented leftist elite had a hissy-fit over Italian Prime Minister, Giorgia Meloni; she condemned Euro-socialist elites whose attitude toward their “subjects” is that they should be seen and not heard. The media and political left (a redundancy) engaged in “Tourette’s”-like regurgitation of the “f-word,” fascism, ignorant of the fact that dictator Mussolini’s fascism entailed one central, all-powerful state with total control of privately-owned businesses and corporations, whose policies had to conform to the state’s demands—the opposite of free-enterprise capitalism. By the way, “national socialism” (English) translates to “Na(tionalso)zi(alismus” (German), or Na-zi. Get it? Not right-wing.

Headlines suggesting a despotic approach to “free speech”: “Shock report: Universities get $3 million from feds after helping government censor election integrity stories;” “Revealed: DHS and State Department Used Private Entity to Target Millions of Social Media Posts for Censorship;” “Enemies list? Fed-backed censorship machine targeted 20 news sites” (thecollegefix.com, bongino.com, justthenews.com). Do you support such censorship? Maybe you’re a closet fascist.

“The daily chart that should terrify Democrats” cited the Wall Street Journal, graphically displaying the right-of-center shift of voters from 2016 to 2020. While “Nonwhite” voters shifted slightly “More Republican,” Hispanic voters “Shifted More Republican” by almost 10 percent; and Asian voters were “5.3 percent more Republican.”

Democrat demographics include many who don’t want children brought into a “global warming-doomed” world, love promoting homosexuality, transgenderism and childless “hook-up” lifestyles—and abortion-on-demand in their “blue states” if icky pregnancies result. How exactly are they going to outnumber conservatives?

In “What the polls are telling us about the midterms,” Newt Gingrich, who ended 40 years of Democrat House rule, analyzed decades of polling biases, errors and election results. Democrats are doomed.

Hurricane Ian inspired brains-fried-by-leftism (joke: Biden promises to name hurricanes after women of color). Dems hoped for the worst if 1) it showed DeSantis’ incompetence—which it didn’t (Katrina’s lesson: the feds, not the states, are responsible); and 2) those MAGA-fascist Republicans got what they deserved for supporting Trump and DeSantis.

Although scientists won’t blame “human-caused global warming” for any hurricane, we still get phony statistics. Start a hurricane-frequency chart in 1980 and it shows an upward trend; a 130 years-long chart shows that (Category 4 and 5) Atlantic hurricanes peaked in the 1890s and 1940s, declining through 1980. Over 130 years, “US Landfalling Major Hurricanes” shows no increase or trend. “Alarmist” bubbles popped.

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