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When Your Doctor Prescribes Politics

When Your Doctor Prescribes Politics

Trust is like a painter’s masterpiece, it can take a lifetime to create and only moments to destroy. 

In 2018 Sotheby’s auctioned off a piece by the famous street painter Banksy, titled “Girl With a Balloon.” Famously, the auction triggered a built-in shredder that immediately activated, pulling the $1.4 million dollar piece through a set of razor sharp blades — the gears wound to a stop before the top half of the image was turned into canvass linguini. The eviscerated piece, retitled “Love Is in the Bin,” garnered $25.4 million dollars at auction in October 2021. Banksy wrote in a subsequent Instagram post about the spectacle, “the urge to destroy is also a creative urge.” — it can be said with certainty, our political and pop cultures are obsessed with destruction. But sometimes, destruction just breaks things. 

COVID seems to have amplified the fatalism inherent in the liberal mindset. In particular, the medical community has fed its most precious asset into the iron teeth of the consuming beast. They’ve readily sacrificed their credibility in the vainglorious service of political correctness. 

We’re all familiar with the science by now. We’ve had time to conduct our own empirical research and evaluate the results in the lives of those closest to us. We see with our own eyes and feel with our own hands what blind faith in “medical authority” brings. We all know people who’ve complied with “vaccination” mandates and suffered with the same COVID illnesses as the “unvaccinated” population — the science is indisputable at this point, natural immunity is far superior to the manufactured facsimile. Yet, the medical community continues to hawk vaccination and boosters. Just follow the money. The common sense of the nation is outraged, and it seems God is making a mockery of statist arrogance, when time and again those in the forefront of the vaccine mandate cult fall prey to COVID, despite multiple booster injections. 

The nation has suffered through two years of lockdowns and outrages to our persons and liberty all in the interest of “public health.” Well, the facts are in, and regions like the Netherlands, who implemented no draconian modes of social control, nor inflicted inexcusable mass experimentation campaigns, weathered COVID far better than any other so called first-world nation. 

For many of us, travel brings us into conflict with the medical community and its COVID politics — you don’t have to be a scientist to recognize where medicine ends and politics begin. Like so much in life, common sense applies. And it is this earthy, wholesome, grassroots wisdom that is the rich biome that sustains the tree of liberty. It is also at this point where it is most obvious that the medical community’s credibility has been most tattered.

A recent personal experience highlighted the degree to which medical professionals will sacrifice personal integrity for political correctness and, make no mistake, COVID is a biological Trojan Horse concealing a shock force of Orwellian doublethink agents. 

One might assume that an Alaskan Cruise with Holland America would be characterized by a stately passage through the grandeur of raw Alaskan nature, scenes of other-worldly wonder in tectonically sculpted ice, or fascinating vignettes of ancient Inuit culture. You’d be right, but you first have to pass through a gauntlet of scrub-clad functionaries, dutifully scouring your papers for any misplaced jot or tittle proscribed by the bio-political bureaucracy. The level of confusion concerning what defines an acceptable medical exemption would confound Dr. Alexander Fleming. To be fair, the sticking point was Canada. And, in Trudeauian fashion, the entire affair was capricious and adolescent. Unfortunately, the Holland America medical staff seemed to be infected with his same adolescent temperament. 

Potential travelers beware — yes may really mean no. (be sure to get EVERYTHING in writing and take it with you) And, final determinations, for some bizarre reason, are held until just before embarkation. But the point here is not the existence of some medical standard, but the brazen and hostile menacing from medical “professionals” who clearly subscribe to the politically correct version of COVID “science.” The fact that people presented valid medical exemptions, had tested negative multiple times during the preceding 72 hours, to include minutes before arriving at the onboarding queue, but carried no medical significance for the ship’s medical staff was appalling. Moreover, possessing natural immunity was of no consequence to the medical staff. As offensive and demeaning as all of that is, it was within the bounds of tolerance, because as Americans we are fundamentally a tolerant people.

The remaining crew and staff of Holland America were professional, accommodating, and deserving of their peerless reputation, but the medical staff failed to live up to the high expectation placed on those who shoulder great responsibility and who should be educated enough to know better.  

Real and lasting damage has been done to our faith in the practice of medicine in America. They’ve squandered hundreds of years of noble, heroic, life-saving work for the expediency of wokeness. If this virulent disease of character is allowed to incubate within the halls of America’s medical institutions, we’ll soon find ourselves in an America where real healthcare is only dispensed to those deemed friendly to the state. We’re already dangerously close to that shameful state of affairs. It’s happened before, in Democrat-controlled Jim Crow America, not all that long ago. 

Trust is inspired by people of character. The liars and bullies we’ve allowed to control our nations’ levers of power have infected our national character. Heroism is now defined by standing against the politics of science, just as Copernicus and Galileo bravely championed the heliocentric theory of the solar system. Modern Democrats would censor and persecute them for the same reason as the ancient Catholic Church — for opposing the prevailing ideology.

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