Tuesday, August 30, 2022




This past Thursday President Biden announced his unconstitutional plan to “forgive” student loans in some massive cumulative amount. The White House has posted a transcript of Biden’s remarks here.

According to Biden, it won’t cost you a dime: “The point is this: There is plenty of deficit reduction to pay for the programs — cumulative deficit reduction — to pay for the programs many times over.” I’d like to get a fact-check on that whopper.

I decried the scheme in “The cancelations.” To say the least, It is of dubious legality, to say the least. It is cynical beyond belief. It is also incredibly unfair to citizens who have foregone college or paid their debts. Making honest citizens feel like chumps should be beyond the bounds. That was my take.

I’d also like to see a fair poll on the politics of the scheme. When a patent phony like Ohio Democratic Senatorial candidate Tim Ryan declines to sign on, I infer it must be a loser on this score as well. That is a dead giveaway.

When it comes to talking the talk, Ryan is a human weathervane. I’m not much on the nuts and bolts of politics, but I infer that Republicans ought to hammer the blatant cynicism and injustice of the cancelation scheme.


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