Tuesday, August 16, 2022

Don's Tuesday Column

     THE WAY I SEE IT   by Don Polson  Red Bluff Daily News   8/16/2022

Extreme, intrusive, despotic abuse

Add “unprecedented” to describe the FBI “raid” (it’s bunk that law enforcement would call it anything else) on Donald Trump’s Mar-a-Lago home; never before happened. “Extreme” and certainly “intrusive,” since there were cooperative means, and prior cooperation, to transfer documents at the center of the pretextual demand by the National Archives and Records Administration. It’s an agency lacking criminal statute or enforcement powers; hence, the FBI executed its demands.

Whether you think Trump walks on water, or that his “crimes” are too numerous and serious to defy debate, it comes down to things that are unknown about the documents central to last Monday’s raid.

The accusations are, on the one hand, legally and politically serious, and may warrant fines or incarceration; they do not constitute disqualification from holding future office, the presidency in Mr. Trump’s case. Breathless hopes pinned on a statute suggesting such “disqualification” are constitutionally wrong.

On the other hand, if accusations fall apart due to legal shenanigans, the FBI “raid” on the former President’s home—taking nearly 10 hours to gather a dozen boxes of “evidence” (really?)—will justify everything Trump, his supporters, and I have said.

By the way, lest readers think the Tuesday columnists have nothing in common, we both fled Red Bluff’s torturing heat for coastal climes—Half Moon Bay for Mr. Stellar; Waldport, Oregon for this writer. That will probably be the end of shared views and experiences this week.

The FBI and Justice Department will, if their raid lacked legal justification, have tarnished a century’s worth of reputation earned by valiant, brave crime fighters serving to protect America and its citizens by relentlessly pursuing and punishing criminal predators. Would that justify dismantling the FBI in total? Perhaps, even likely; cleaning out the “7th floor” (leadership) might suffice.

Would it warrant hearings, investigations, even impeachment and removal of President Biden et al over proven complicity in an illegal, politically-inspired assault on Mr. Trump’s Florida home? “Despotic abuse” would characterize the Biden/FBI cabal using federal law enforcement for the crass (and highly illegal) objective of falsely accusing the likely opponent of Biden’s reelection.

Democrats should review Nixon’s Watergate debacle and pause to consider how it could play out. We now know that Nixon’s adversaries withheld exculpatory proof that Nixon never ordered nor knew of the break in, nor did he authorize paying Howard Hunt for his silence. Nixon had just won the biggest landslide in American history but lost even Republican support over the falsehood that he agreed to pay Hunt off.

If (if?) Joe Biden lied to America by insisting he had no part in the raid—neither authorizing, planning nor directing—it would dwarf Nixon’s corruption and might cost him Democrats’ support.

“America now suffers under a two-tier justice system that treats Trump and his supporters more harshly and Democrats more leniently. Kash Patel [a Trump National Security official] gave multiple examples, from the FBI’s illegal spying on former Trump campaign aide Carter Page in 2017 to the recent allegations by FBI whistleblowers that the bureau improperly shuttered a stream of evidence about the foreign dealings of Hunter Biden…” Democrats may like preferential treatment, but payback’s a…

“More concerning, Rep. Warren Davidson (R-Ohio) says, is that the FBI appears to have wholly ended its pretense of objectivity. Davidson pointed out to The Epoch Times that former IRS official Lois Lerner, Bill Clinton’s national security adviser Sandy Berger, and even Hillary Clinton allegedly mishandled and destroyed classified information but avoided raids by the FBI… [D.P.: Obama took millions of documents for his library.]

“The FBI has taken no action on Hunter Biden, despite a mountain of evidence of suspect business dealings…no action on any number of things that they could have taken action on, like for example, targeting of Supreme Court justices.” They seized the cell phone of Freedom Caucus leader Scott Perry (R-PA).

The FBI hasn’t lifted a finger to protect Supreme Court Justices’ homes from illegal, loud, and intimidating protests. FBI personnel were involved in the staged plot to kidnap Mich. Gov. Witmer, and in the Jan. 6 Capitol riots—compare it to the leniency toward antifa/BLM rioters during Trump’s inauguration and George Floyd riots.

“Trump lawyer Christina Bobb told The Epoch Times that FBI agents searching his home were looking for presidential records, indicating that the warrant was based on laws governing retention of presidential records and possible mishandling of classified information.

“Such a justification ‘doesn’t hold water,’ Patel said. The President is the ‘final arbiter of classification authority’ and has ‘a unilateral authority to classify and declassify documents by just saying so,’ Patel noted.” A 1988 SCOTUS ruling, Navy v. Egan, confirmed presidential constitutional power to “classify and declassify” records “regardless of any statute passed by Congress.”

“The Payback for Mar-a-Lago Will Be Brutal—What went around Monday will come around hard for the Democrats when Republicans control the Justice Department and FBI,” by Kimberley A. Strassel. “POLL: Mar-a-Lago Raid Backfires Spectacularly on Democrats” (pjmedia.com), cites a Trafalgar Group poll finding 77% of Republicans and 54% of Independents believe Trump’s political enemies are behind the FBI raid. Without Independents, Democrats lose every foreseeable national election.

We are certain Trump possessed documentary proof of Hillary Clinton’s criminality, and the collusion that occurred with Obama’s “weaponized” DOJ, FBI and intelligence agencies to defame and persecute Trump, remove him from office, prevent his second term, and, now, illegally manipulate this phony “records” search (planting evidence?) to forestall a Trump 2024 win and presidency. Donald Trump’s election is assured. Hooray!

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