Thursday, August 18, 2022

It's Official: President Trump Will Win in 2024

 It's Official: President Trump Will Win in 2024

It's Official: President Trump Will Win in 2024

Source: AP Photo/Julia Nikhinson

The country changed dramatically when FBI agents raided President Trump’s home. The raid at Mar-a-Lago will be recorded in the history books as a turning point when Americans awakened. 

America is outraged and even the leftist political experts on corporate media are saying that President Trump is more powerful than ever. 

It's time to stop calling President Trump the "former president." That implies he is off the political scene. President Trump is active in EVERY SINGLE primary race happening now. Every Tuesday he is knocking off establishment RINOs and replacing them with America First patriots... all with the power of his endorsement. All he has to do is make a post on Truth Social and President Trump changes entire elections.  

Joe Kent just knocked off an anti-Trump RINO in the Washington congressional primary thanks to Trump's endorsement. Trump-endorsed candidates just cleaned up in Arizona. Congresswoman Mary Miller destroyed Rodney Davis in Illinois after a Trump rally was held for her before the primary. I could go down this list all day. 

And this coming Tuesday, Trump-endorsed candidates Kelly Tshibaka and Harriet Hageman in Alaska and Wyoming are set to take out RINOs Murkowski and Cheney.

The DOJ wants that to stop. These America-first politicians headed to DC after the midterms are going to have oversight over these same agents who raided Melania Trump's closet! 

On top of his political endorsements, everyone knows that President Trump is running for president against Joe Biden in 2024 if Joe Biden makes it that far. 

Merrick Garland knows it. Joe Biden knows it. Every FBI agent knew it when they were going through his stuff and hauling it out in boxes trying to find some reason to throw him in prison. 

If the corrupt deep state establishment somehow is able to put President Trump behind bars, he will be the first president in history to be elected from a jail cell. 

There is nothing the left can do to keep him off the ballot. There is nothing now they can do to keep him from winning. 

President Trump will be the 47th president of the United States. 

The constitution is very clear. The President must be at least 35 years of age, be a natural born citizen, and must have lived in the United States for at least 14 years. 

There is nothing about the Presidential Records Act in the Constitution. There is nothing about being prosecuted or convicted of a felony in the Constitution that keeps a presidential candidate off the ballot. 

The corporate media can lie to you all day long about this but there is NOTHING the J6 panel can do, nothing the DOJ can do, nothing congress can do short of amending the Constitution to keep President Trump off the ballot and keep him from becoming the 47th president. 

The only hope they have is if they leave him alone. 

If the corrupt deep state could stop investigating... if the radical left could sleep at night without seeing him in their nightmares... if Liz Cheney and the RINOs could somehow cure their sociopathic obsession with President Trump... if the corporate media could stop attacking him every day...  maybe they just might have a slim chance of someone else becoming the 47th president. Trump would still likely win, but the only way possible is if they can cure their Trump derangement syndrome. 

But they can't.

President Trump is like a mythical creature. Every time you attack him, he absorbs that attack and uses it against the evil left. 

Every time they attack him, he becomes stronger. He is 45 and he will be 47. Start printing the hats now.

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