Tuesday, August 30, 2022

Don's Tuesday Column

    HE WAY I SEE IT   by Don Polson   Red Bluff Daily News   8/30/2022

Corruption, the “raid,” student loans

First, the so-called “cancelling” of $10,000-20,000 of loans for non-Pell, and Pell grant students has generated tens of thousands of words of commentary, much of which was read for this column. The bottom line is that anything written or spoken in support of White House Occupant Joe Biden’s unconstitutional giveaway is so loaded with erroneous and fallacious reasoning as to be the definition of “disinformation.”

Hundreds of billions of taxpayer dollars will be “spent” without congressional authorization, in perhaps the largest, most egregious, most politically offensive election-year gimmick in history. The benefiting demographic is the group most likely to be indoctrinated into voting Democrat. Co-inkee-dink?

At around $300 billion for the low-end cost of loan “forgiveness,” and up to $600+ billion, each taxpayer is basically on the hook for between $2,000 and $6,000 over the course of the program. Working, taxpaying Americans who never went to college, or attended on borrowed (but repaid) money—or even money they saved from their jobs—will be paying either through taxes, or inflation.

Regular writer of inestimable wisdom, Joe Neff, has explained what untold numbers of college and university students have done to pay for, or repay, the cost of earning a degree. Whether for a genuinely marketable degree, a truly useless degree (except as a highly-credentialed restaurant worker), or for one of many “trades”—barber, cosmetology, personal care or other skills—the best lesson for wannabe students would be to see a loan for what it’s worth in income, nothing more.

The default rate ranges from around 1 percent (law or medical) to 30-40 percent for some of the “trades” training. The hard reality is that someone always pays for a loan: Either the borrower when it’s repaid, or the lender if a student reneges on their obligation. Note that the cost of higher education has ballooned beyond inflation for decades with no underlying cause—costs of purchased products or services—while administration employees now exceed the number of those actually teaching. “Loan cancelling” =higher fees.

Does anyone think that a student relieved of debt will not sign up for a car loan or lease, save up for a down payment, or splurge on vacations? Of course they will, rather than buying used cars, taking public transit, sharing rent, and foregoing cruises or travel while repaying their college loans. The most efficacious change to the whole process would be to make the college, university (with 10s of billions of endowment dollars), or trade schools cosigners to the student loans. Let them assume some risk. ‘Nuff said.

The immense corruption in the electoral process dwarfs what can be written here. From the Covid (and prior) mail-in ballot rules—despite the ease of fraudulent voting noted by Jimmy Carter—allowing widespread “vote trafficking” (always illegal) and “harvesting” (illegal in most states);

To the $400 million+ in “Zuck bucks” spent in Democrat areas in swing states, giving control of election boards to leftist partisans in schemes to maximize (only) Democrat turnout, later found illegal in Wisconsin;

To the corrupt ways the FBI induced Facebook to suspect “Russian disinformation” in the Hunter Biden laptop scandal, “meaningfully” reducing the laptop story’s influence (Twitter’s total ban likewise); To the now-exposed decision by FBI higher-ups to tell agents to give no credence to the laptop story.

It all influenced large numbers of Democrats to vote for Biden, who wouldn’t have had they known; and it would have given Trump wins in all 6 of the swing states. The election of Joe Biden was an artificial result that capped the previous 4+ years of propaganda, media and Democrat lies, forged documents, unfounded accusations and impeachments.

While some influencers on our side wish to reserve judgement on the Mar-a-Lago raid and seizure of Donald Trump’s rightfully possessed documents, there is no such reticence here. The time for such deference to the FBI, Magistrate Judge Reinhardt, and legal panelists is now past. Reinhardt had no authority to sign off on the search (he is not, repeat not, a Federal Judge); from the start it was an illegal raid.

The search warrant itself was so broad, it can only be viewed as another “Russia, Russia, Russia” hoax, an illegal “general warrant-level” fishing expedition. It referred to any and all documents Trump possessed from his inauguration to his term’s end; it lacked any recognition of prior cooperation nor did it reflect the prior lack of urgency over supposedly “top secret,” even “nuclear weapons” papers. Look up Lenin’s security chief Beria, who infamously said, “Show me the man and I will show you the crime.”

Anyone asserting 1) that Donald Trump lacked the authority and right to all that he took from the White House as President, or 2) that having “classified” markings refutes Supreme Court, and Presidential Records Act, validation of his sole authority to declassify—is just blowing smoke and peddling horse manure. When President Donald J. Trump pronounced his to-be-transferred documents “declassified,” they were so deemed.

The heavily redacted, released affidavit proves that if there was a single indictable crime, it would have been unredacted, if only to keep Trump supporters at bay. Doubt me at the risk of being exposed as either ignorant of the corruption at the heart of nearly 6-years of fruitless persecution, or being a willing, gullible partisan that cares not one whit for facts and the truth. It becomes clearer by the day that the only way to excise the banal, vicious, unconstitutional, one-sided, despotic abuse that has become entrenched in Washington, D.C. is to send Donald J. Trump back there in 2024.

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