Friday, August 5, 2022




President Biden is the Clown-in-Chief of the big circus that is the Biden administration. He has half a mind to be president. There is nothing funny about it. His administration is a circus colloquially speaking. President Biden and senior administration officials are not serious people. They have manifested as political hacks.

Biden’s selection of Kamala Harris as his running mate set the tone. Her self-identification as black was prerequisite to her selection. Transparency is her leading quality. To put it discreetly, she is transparently vacuous.

Take Janet Yellen — please. Yellen holds the venerable office of Secretary of the Treasury. Former chairman of the Federal Reserve, Yellen is well qualified for the job and an ostensibly serious person. Yet she has proved unfit for the office, regurgitating administration talking points with an utter lack of seriousness. Inflation — it was transitory. Recession — not yet. Abortion — restricting it would be “very damaging” to the economy.

As Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin has managed to create a recruiting crisis for the armed forces. He has injected the Democratic Party’s racial mania into the veins of every branch of the military. According to Austin, our armed forces are rife with “whiteness” and “white rage.” He has done great damage to morale and his performance has detracted from our national security. Whatever his contribution to our departure from Afghanistan, he should have been relieved of his office at that time.

Like Yellen, Merrick Garland appeared qualified to serve as Attorney General. In office, however, Garland has proved just another hack. His declaration that “white supremacists” constitute our biggest national security threat is party-line histrionics unbecoming to his office.

As Secretary of State, Antony Blinken also had his hand in the Afghanistan disgrace. He continues his mad pursuit of Iran. He won’t take “Death to America” for an answer. He has done everything within the realm of the politically deniable to appease the mullahs and is still at it. He has fallen far short of the requirements of the office.

DHS Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas has responsibility for the domestic security of the United States. It’s a big and important job. Assuring us that the border is secure, Mayorkas has taken Baghdad Bob as his role model. His clownishness isn’t entirely his fault. He is executing the policy promised by Biden. If he had any self-respect, however, he would have departed long ago. He believes his routine.

Secretary of Health and Human Services Secretary Xavier Becerra, Secretary of Education Miguel Cardona, and Secretary of Transportation Pete Buttigieg put the exclamation point on my clown-car metaphor. How can all those clowns fit in one car?

Most recently, Secretary Cardona has unveiled his plans to codify the “trans” ideology that grips the left. Six Republican Senators have responded in a letter that begins to trace the consequences of the trans regime. Stanley Kurtz takes it up at NRO Corner here.

I end on the “trans” note this morning because it explains the construction of the clown car. It is constructed on the woke ideology that has taken control of the Democratic Party. Biden and his secretaries have fallen into line with the new orthodoxy. It is unreal, it is absurd, and it rules every corner of this administration.

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