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The Gadsden flag has been around for a long time, but I had to look it up to remember where it came from:

Before the departure of the United States Navy’s first mission in 1775, Continental Colonel Christopher Gadsden from South Carolina presented the newly appointed commander with a yellow rattlesnake flag to serve as a standard for his flagship. Accompanying the Navy on its first mission were five companies of Marines carrying yellow drums featuring a snake with 13 rattles and the words “Don’t Tread on Me.” The Navy later adapted the snake emblem and “Don’t Tread on Me” motto into what is now known as the First Navy Jack.

The Gadsden flag has been around for 247 years, but recently, like many other things, has become controversial. The FBI flagged it as one of a number of symbols that are popular with “Anti-Government or Anti-Authority Violent Extremists.” The FBI describes the Gadsden flag as a “Historical American symbol, representing gun rights and limited government.” Imagine that.

The Gadsden flag is in good company: according to the FBI, the Betsy Ross flag–featured at Barack Obama’s inaugural!–is another symbol “commonly referenced” by Violent Extremists.

Of course, the FBI also says that “The use or sharing of these symbols alone should not independently be considered evidence of [Militia Violent Extremism] presence or affiliation or serve as an indicator of illegal activity….” No kidding: I would say that they are nearly always evidence of patriotism. So why, exactly, did the FBI single out these symbols as something to be on the lookout for?

Meanwhile, Florida has announced the issuance of Gadsden flag license plates, proceeds from which will go to aid Florida veterans. The horror!

Why do liberals hate the Gadsden Flag? Because it stands for freedom, of course, but more importantly because it is patriotic. Hence their hate for the Betsy Ross flag, too. In truth, their real target is the American flag. Liberals won’t rest until it becomes impossible to display the Stars and Stripes because the U.S. flag is seen as a symbol of racism and oppression. That is where all of this is going.

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