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Last night the City of Minneapolis was turned into a free-fire zone. At least a dozen people were shot, and many more were assaulted with fireworks by criminals. Minneapolis’s woefully understaffed police force was unable to maintain any semblance of order, and local officials were AWOL. My colleague David Zimmer recaps the carnage at

There has been a steady increase in lawlessness felt in the Twin Cities since 2020 when the defund the police movement promoted weeks of rioting and the burning of the Police 3rd Precinct in Minneapolis – a structure that sits two years later, like a burned-out trophy for criminality.

Since then, we have returned to levels of violence that rival the “Murderapolis” days of the mid 1990’s.

The difference is that in 2022, the common citizen is feeling a sense of randomness and utter lawlessness that hasn’t existed in the past. In the past we have been insulated from much of the violence that circulated among the criminal element – that’s no longer the case.

Seeing a show at a theater on Hennepin Ave, walking on the Stone Arch Bridge, going to a sporting event, or just returning to your car after grocery shopping in the suburbs has taken on an element of danger that never existed in the past.

Our new norm was on full display last night for the 4th of July. Note – the City of Minneapolis had previously canceled its fireworks display for the 3rd year in a row. Any hope of avoiding violence was dashed.

Here are a just a few excerpts from last evening on the Crimewatch Mpls Twitter account:

* Report of a BF wearing only a thong that fired a shotgun into the air at 1350 Nicollet Mall, and she’s with 10 others who are similarly attired.

* Police report possible automatic gunfire now in the area of 2nd and Portland, along with fireworks.

* We lost count. But somewhere near 10 to 12 people were shot in #Minneapolis in the span of just a few hours, including what sounded like at least five (updated to 8) at Boom Island in #NEMPLS.

* 911 caller says 25 people are shooting fireworks into the building and trying to break in. 225 Portland Ave.

* Police just tried to go into 2nd and Portland to disperse the crowd. Police are now retreating.

* Report of a group near the Stone Arch at 2nd St SE and 6th Ave SE who are aiming Roman candles into a condo building.

* Police on site with a stabbing victim at the Greenway near Chicago/Elliot Ave S. Male has several lacerations and said 7 BM and Hispanic M’s tried to kill him.

* Another shooting victim showed up at HCMC. Reportedly from the Gold Medal Park incident earlier.

* Report of a person firing a gun into the air at 47th and Aldrich Ave N.

* Another person was overdosing at the same location. Also the hotrodders were reported to be in the same area prior to the shooting.

* Mortar fireworks are being thrown at squads downtown Mpls.

* Shooting. Victim was privately transported to HCMC. Victim said he was also a shooter. Another victim showed up at North Memorial. 13xx Irving Ave N

* Someone put foam in the fountain at 12th and Nicollet Mall and now it’s overflowing.

* Robbery of person at Powderhorn Park.

* A 911 caller reports 100 shots fired in an exchange involving two guns. 36xx Logan Ave N

Video of just some of the random lawlessness:

This level of lawlessness cannot be allowed to continue. We must demand action from our political leaders – unfortunately too many of them are not even willing to identify the problem.

Here is a list of the local political leadership social media responses to the mayhem in Minneapolis last night:

Mayor Frey – nothing
US Senator Klobuchar – nothing
US Senator Smith – nothing
US Representative Omar – nothing
Governor Walz – nothing
Attorney General Ellison – nothing
Hennepin County Attorney Freeman – nothing

Lawlessness will not fade until we see resolute, top-down leadership emerge. The crime problem needs to be identified, and a strategic plan needs to be developed to address it.

The newest member of the Minneapolis City Council, Ward 3 Councilman Michael Rainville, might represent our best bet. He has shown his willingness to identify the problem – and that is welcome in 2022.

“Police were getting assaulted by fireworks and other objects and often had no choice but to retreat. He noted that Minneapolis is down more than 300 officers and “these people know that the police are outnumbered. This lawlessness cannot continue. We need help from the governor. He has to bring in the National Guard to Minneapolis. I would like to ask Gov. Walz why he doesn’t care about public safety in Minneapolis. I wish he’d call me.”

I will add one more video:

Minneapolis is a city where criminals are able to act with impunity. This is how cities become unlivable.

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