Friday, July 22, 2022




Everyone expects Republicans to recapture the House of Representatives in November, and I have no reason to disagree. This raises the question: assuming Republicans do control the House, should they impeach Joe Biden?

That Biden has committed impeachable offenses seems beyond dispute. He has deliberately opened the Southern border, in defiance of our immigration laws, and has compounded the offense by distributing illegal aliens around the country. Most recently, Biden has stopped prosecuting those who cross the border illegally.

The president’s most basic duty under Article II of the Constitution is to “take Care that the Laws be faithfully executed.” As to our immigration laws, Biden has not only failed to execute them faithfully, he has openly and wantonly flouted and negated them. I don’t see how it can be argued in good faith that this is not an impeachable offense. It presents a far stronger case for impeachment than the charges that were brought against Andrew Johnson, Richard Nixon or Bill Clinton, let alone the laughable charges that the Democrats brought against Donald Trump.

But, as we have seen, impeachment is a political act. Joe Biden has committed impeachable offenses, but will it be smart for Republicans to impeach him? Probably not, at least not early in the new Congressional term.

The new Congress will meet in an atmosphere of dire decline in the nation’s fortunes. Citizens who vote Republicans into office will be waiting anxiously for concrete actions: to restore production of American oil and gas, to do everything possible to close the Southern border, to restore sanity to federal spending, to stop the “woke” virus that has infected even the armed forces. These are urgent needs, and voters will be displeased, to say the least, if Republicans are seen as wasting time and energy on an essentially political retribution against Biden.

After Republicans have moved decisively to reverse the decline that the Biden administration has precipitated, it might make sense to proceed with impeachment. But by that time Biden may well have passed away or resigned, and if he is still on the scene, the optics of impeaching a pathetic old man may not be favorable.

Thus, Biden eminently deserves to be impeached and convicted, probably more so than any president since James Buchanan. Of course he would not, in any event, be convicted by the Senate and driven from office, but political considerations likely will militate that Biden not endure the impeachment he so richly deserves.

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