Friday, July 8, 2022

Bezos slams Biden for "misdirection" and "misunderstanding" of markets in gas price tweet

Bezos slams Biden for "misdirection" and "misunderstanding" of markets in gas price tweet

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There was a tweet posted Saturday from the president’s Twitter account. The tweet took gas station operators to task for high gas prices. Biden implied that gas companies are price gouging at the gas pump as he demanded the cost they are paying for gas reflect the cost to the consumer. He ended the tweet with an ominous four words – “And do it now.”

There is much to criticize about that tweet. First is the fact that it shows Team Biden thinks you are stupid. Does anyone believe that Joe Biden posts his own tweets? Some staffer, or maybe Ron Klain, did this. They think it makes Biden look like he’s taking charge of the situation. Biden has tried to pass the buck for the causes of Bidenflation on to Putin, Big Oil, price gouging, Republicans, and so on. He blames everyone other than himself and his own bone-headed policies and runaway spending that have created Bidenflation. So now he is going after gas stations. You can’t make this stuff up. Gas stations are often owned and operated by individuals, not Big Oil companies. They are often mom and pop operations and their margin of profit is very slim. They do not have control over gas prices. Joe Biden is threatening small business owners.

Imagine being a gas station owner/operator and feeling the sting of the president demanding you lower your prices at the pump. The reason so many gas stations have convenience stores is because those stores provide profits for the business. They balance out the small amount of profit earned from selling gas. That’s a business decision. Joe Biden has never been in the private sector. He’s never run a business, faced meeting payroll, or scrambled to remain competitive. Joe Biden has lived off American taxpayers for his entire professional career. He is clueless about how business works and obviously he has surrounded himself with people just like him. How else is such a stupid (and threatening) tweet explained? Gas stations have to compete with the gas station across the street which sometimes sparks price wars. One station lowers its price per gallon by a few cents and then the competitor does the same and counters with another cent or two.

A billionaire who supported Joe Biden spoke out after seeing the tweet. Enough is enough is the message from Jeff Bezos.

When Joe Biden’s lost Jeff Bezos… Well, don’t get too excited. Bezos is an unabashed progressive who will support Joe Biden if he runs for re-election. I think he finally said something about Biden’s ridiculous flailing around on shifting blame about inflation because of the level of crazy it has risen to. Who knows the next group of people Joe Biden will blame for his failing presidency? Perhaps Bezos spoke up because it was convenient to do so over such an obviously ridiculous tweet and because he is losing billions of dollars himself. Both Jeff Bezos and Elon Musk have taken a big financial hit from the stock market in Biden’s economy.

The world’s two richest men, Elon Musk and Jeff Bezos, have lost at least $127 billion of their net worth so far this year from the recent selloff in the stock market, according to the Bloomberg Billionaires Index, which is a daily ranking of the world’s richest people.

Musk, CEO of Tesla has lost $66.5 billion while Amazon CEO Bezos saw his fortune decline by $61 billion as of May 23 as the correction in the market brought down the valuations of their companies. Amazon’s stock has fallen by 35.4% year-to-date while Tesla’s stock has declined even more at 36.1%.

Bezos won’t have to worry about purchasing groceries and filling up his gas tank like regular Americans. Still, financial losses of successful businessmen affect company employees. Employers lay off people when times get dicey. They don’t invest in future expansions if the economic market is uncertain.

It may be politically expedient to criticize small businesses during a long holiday weekend when travel will be heavy on highways across the country. But it shows the fact that the basics of supply and demand are missing from Biden’s criticisms. His administration has done everything possible to shut down the fossil fuel industry. What did he expect would eventually happen? He can talk about green energy and alternatives like wind and solar all he wants but the world isn’t ready for a major transformation away from oil and gas, as we see in Europe, too. Germany and other countries are firing up their coal plants after appeasing environmental extremists for too long. Nuclear energy is coming back. The only solution to keeping the world – including America – up and running with energy is to use an all-of-the-above approach.

The Chinese government applauded Biden’s tweet.

Joe Biden would rather go hat in hand to Saudi Arabia, Venezuela, and other oil-producing countries than to do what needs to be done domestically to produce more energy. The administration missed a deadline on July 1 to plan future oil and gas lease sales. They gave no explanation for the missed deadline. Senator Barrasso calls it a disgrace.

“President Biden is hell-bent on choking off American oil and natural gas production,” Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee Ranking Member John Barrasso, R-Wyo., told Fox News Digital in a statement. “Now he has failed to follow the law and prepare a final five-year leasing plan by yesterday’s deadline. That means the federal government will not offer any new offshore oil and gas lease sales this year.”

“This will be the first year since 1958 that has happened. Instead, the Biden administration has spent its time courting overseas dictators,” he continued. “The White House has begged countries like Russia, Iran, and Venezuela for oil. It’s an absolute disgrace.”

Under the 1953 Outer Continental Shelf Lands Act, the DOI is required to periodically issue five-year plans for offshore oil and gas lease sales. Historically, the plans have been issued on time by Democratic and Republican administrations and have included more than 10 lease sales stretching across federal waters in the Gulf of Mexico, Pacific, Atlantic and off the coast of Alaska.

President Norms is failing to meet legal mandates and he doesn’t care. The goal of his administration is to end leases and shut down the oil and gas industry. High gas prices are intentional in order to force more electrical vehicles on the road. The problem with this is that regular American households can’t afford electrical vehicles, especially while they live with Bidenflation.

A small amount of blame can be put on Putin’s invasion into Ukraine but that’s not enough to justify why Bidenflation is out of control. Inflation was already a factor long before the war began.

Jeff Bezos will continue to support Joe Biden and Democrats no matter how stupid Biden’s tweets get. His Washington Post will continue to turn a blind eye to the corruption in the administration and in Biden, Inc.

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