Wednesday, July 6, 2022

Highland Park Shooter Dressed as a Woman — Tell Us Again He Is a Conservative

Highland Park Shooter Dressed as a Woman — Tell Us Again He Is a Conservative

City of Highland Park Police Department via AP

Police have released more details regarding the Highland Park, Ill., mass shooting.


  • Robert Crimo III planned his attack on July 4 revelers for several weeks.
  • He purchased two rifles, legally, from different gun stores.
  • He tried to disguise himself by dressing as a woman and may have even donned a wig.
  • Police have released no motivation for the shooting.
  • He fired on the crowd from the top of a Gearhead store.
  • Crimo once attended a Trump rally dressed as “Where’s Waldo.”

Crimo dropped the rifle he used in the shooting, and cops found the second rifle in his car. Police searched Crimo’s family home in nearby Highwood, Ill., and found several more weapons.

Here is a video of the shooting as it started.

And another:

Far-left nutjobs are in full force on social media trying to prove that Crimo was a “right-wing radical.” New York City’s WOR news station is claiming that Crimo’s social media footprint is full of “neo-fascist” postings, though I haven’t been able to find any. I DID find a few creepy “rap” videos Crimo made himself. I won’t show them, as I do not care to advance his “rap” career, but you can easily find them on Twitter.

FACT-O-RAMA! I have never personally met a conservative with pink hair, face tattoos, an Antifa hat, and a budding career as a rapper.

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Democrats, including Gropey Joe Biden, have historically gone very easily on their street prag army, a.k.a. Antifa, even going so far as to clear a bunch of remaining charges against them. He once referred to them as “an idea, not an organization.” Rep. Jerry Nadler (D-N.Y.) said they were merely a “myth.” Vice President Kamala Harris once pimped for a bail fund to have them released from jail so they could get back to burning our cities. Almost 50% of Antifa and BLM street thugs caught rioting in Portland had their charges dropped by far-left prosecutors.

With a history of treating Antifa with kid gloves, what could go wrong?

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