Tuesday, November 15, 2022

Now the Real Work — the Hard Work — Begins for the GOP House

Now the Real Work — the Hard Work — Begins for the GOP House

There was a significant Republican House victory but not a “red wave.”


November 9, 2022, 9:27 PM

OK. Yippee! The Democrats have been kicked out of their House majority, and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi can tend to Paul full time. We must condemn the assault and battery on him that was vicious and evil, and Nancy should be with him. If the definition of a “conservative” is “a liberal who has been mugged,” then perhaps, as with so many others of their ilk and bent, the Pelosis now will appreciate the GOP message on crime, on leniency to violent recidivist criminals, on defunding the police, on the right to bear arms, and on no-bail policies. Again, the attack on Paul was appalling, nothing to joke about. And he needs Nancy there — not only to help nurse him back to full health but also to keep an eye on him when he goes out for a night of social drinking or just to drive the ol’ electric car.

When Nancy leaves the speakership, she should not forget to return the gavel. As a reciprocal parting gift, GOP House Leader Kevin McCarthy should give her a box of reams of 24-pound letter-size paper to practice tearing. Or maybe make that lighter-weight 20-pound paper. She may rip, but she ain’t ripped.

Enough about Pelosi. She now is history — aged but not “for the Ages.” If they build a monument to her in San Francisco, or name a transgender clinic for her there, eventually her ideological progeny will tear it down anyway.

For Republicans, the results may not have been the landslide for which they had hoped, but that was greatly because the GOP already had defied historic odds two years earlier by doing so well in 2020. Simply put, there were fewer purple House seats to flip in the 2022 midterms. But how can it be a Republican disappointment when Nancy Pelosi no longer will be able to launch annual impeachments and Jan. 6 investigations against Donald Trump, when Jerrold Nadler no longer will chair the House Committee on the Judiciary, when Adam Schiff no longer will chair the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence, when Maxine no longer will chair the House Financial Services Committee, and when the Squad of Ocasio, Ilhan Omar, Rashida Tlaib, and cohort no longer will matter?

Thus, there was a significant Republican House victory but not a “red wave.” And now there is real work — hard work — to be done. Otherwise, all will be lost as has happened in the past.

If the Republicans waste the next two years trying — as they have done before — to build bridges to nowhere in Alaska, (i) failing to curtail budget waste; (ii) failing to reopen American energy resources ranging from hydrofracturing to oil-and-gas exploration to pipeline expansions like Keystone XL to opening the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge; (iii) failing to set priorities in education away from teaching transgenderism and 1619 Fake History and shifting pedagogical focus to inculcating reading, writing, mathematics, information technology and computer programming skills, real American history, and true science; (iv) failing to secure our southern border; (v) failing to end racial preferences in hiring and in funding social programs; (vi) failing to end social engineering; (vii) failing to curtail the irresponsible inflationary policies of printing paper money to create the illusion of more money for everyone; and (viii) failing to impeach and convict Alejandro Mayorkas

Well, if the GOP House fails in launching this agenda and more, it will forfeit its right to take it all in 2024.

This will not be the time to impeach Joe Biden or Giggling Kamala. Republicans need them; they are critical elements in the GOP effort to retake the White House in two years. Leave Biden as the standard-bearer. Keep Klown Kamala the Konvenient Kameleon around for the laughs. People who truly, honestly are American patriots dare not evict Biden if that will mean leaving this great country in the hands of an utter incompetent, whose public persona evokes images of a mix between Hodor and Joaquin Phoenix’s The Joker. Yes, investigate Hunter Biden throughout the next two years, and let the public learn how all the corruption, from Ukraine Burisma money to China money, leads directly to Joe, but leave Joe in the White House. He not only is the Democrats’ symbol of Political Correctness but also will become the Republicans’ standard-bearer, too, the symbol of Political Corruptness.

The one to impeach — and then to convict — is Alejandro Mayorkas, the brazen liar who, at best, has failed miserably in protecting our southern border in his role as secretary of Homeland Security — and, at worst, has not “failed” but in truth deliberately and calculatedly has engineered and acquiesced to the chaos and anarchy there in order to import millions of illegal immigrants so as to change the demographics of the electorate, as has happened in California and, a bit less so, in Nevada and Arizona.

It now will be a time not for basking on laurels but for tasking very hardy work. Republicans must begin sending one bill after another to Joe Biden’s desk. Yes, he will veto them, and Republicans will not have the votes to override. Or Republicans in the Senate may get shot down by Senate Democrats wielding filibuster rules that they come to celebrate. That all is fine. That is perfect. Put Joe Manchin and his cohort on record. It will demonstrate daily to Americans in the clearest of terms where the parties stand and how they differ on the issues of the day:

• The sharp divide between those who want fentanyl smuggling contained and illegal immigration in the millions brought under the control of law versus those who want massive chaos and lawbreaking at the southern border;

• The sharp divide between those who want kids taught necessary core educational subjects versus those who want impressionable children confused continually by their classroom teachers into believing they repose in the wrong bodies and need to have their gender-distinguishing organs mutilated without their parents finding out;

• The sharp divide between those who want American fossil fuels unshackled again and America to return to her role as a net exporter of clean energy versus those who prefer that we and the rest of the world rely on Arab Muslim sheikhdoms and Russia and Iran for their dirty oil and cartel-inflated prices while simultaneously depleting our country’s emergency Strategic Petroleum Preserve to offset minimally the disastrous effects of the Left’s “green energy” extremes;

• The sharp divide between those who want to fund law enforcement generously and to crack down severely on criminals and lawlessness versus those who want to defund the police, end bail, and promote Black Lives Matter and Antifa street riots and inner-city insurrection;

• The sharp divide between those who want every American to be appreciated by dint of his character, knowledge, and skills versus those who aim to divide us by race and gender, yet who alternatively deny that women can be defined as women;

• The sharp divide between those who want the Supreme Court to remain at nine justices, the United States Senate to remain at 50 states, the Electoral College to remain as conceived by the Constitution, and — for that matter — those who want to protect the Constitution itself and its Bill of Rights versus those who would stack the court with 15 justices, would stack the Senate with Puerto Rico and Washington, D.C., as two pseudo-states, and would suspend significant components of the Constitution and its Bill of Rights;

• The sharp divide between those who want to preserve the nondenominational but deeply intense religious character and traditions of an America whose currency declares “In G-d We Trust” and whose legislature begins daily with a prayer versus those who would change our national identity toward a G-dless atheism that loses all moral compass in a mad dash toward an immorality that extols “anything goes.”

By putting bill after bill on Biden’s desk regardless of whether he vetoes, or at least forcing Senate votes regardless of filibuster rules that can quash GOP legislative initiatives, Republicans not only will honor their promises to the public and advance their sworn agenda but also will earn the right to govern in 2024 and beyond. Otherwise — read my lips — they will experience the same decline and rejection that happened to them when they departed from the successful decade of Ronald Reagan’s “Morning in America” and chose slowly to decline into RINO mush.

P.S. And thank you, Libertarian Party of Georgia, for once again denying the Republican conservative the 50.01 percent majority that could have secured a win for smaller government and less government interference in our lives, instead forcing a runoff to save the Democrat “progressives’” plans.


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