Tuesday, November 8, 2022

Don's Tuesday Column

       THE WAY I SEE IT   by Don Polson  Red Bluff Daily News   11/08/2022

The despotic, violent shape of things

This little, local conservative column—in a Northern California county below the radar of our state’s megalopolises—points out that the regrettable attack on Paul Pelosi by a hammer-wielding intruder brings shifting, conflicting revelations, in media and by SFPD. Any bright observer can come up with more questions than answers in a few minutes.

I’ll say it; prove me wrong: Not one thing you’ve read in the news is the full unvarnished, unmanipulated truth. That goes double-to-infinity for the bloviations by Democrat politicians (shame on their lying). Nothing from law enforcement, San Francisco Police Department in particular, can be assumed free of tainted messaging.

Folks, it’s the stuff of movie plots and not without cause for suspicion. Simple facts and stories have morphed. Video or audio from SFPD, call centers or neighbors, hasn’t been provided. John Nolte: “About Those Three Bizarre Media Retractions in the Paul Pelosi Story…Over the past week or so, the corporate media have retracted stories inconvenient to the narrative.”

Look up: “The Paul Pelosi story makes no sense, and the public needs answers,” (Redstate.com); “The dope on DePape,” (Powerlineblog.com); “A detail (in the attack) makes no sense,” (Pjmedia.com); “Dispatch audio, police official reveal more details…” and “Media narrative on Pelosi attack is ‘morally outrageous’” (Theepochtimes.com); “Everyone is laughing at the ridiculous Pelosi Big Lie,” (Kurt Schlichter, Townhall.com).

It’s become a disingenuous political and Democrat/media talking point, used to reinforce narratives conceived in dark recesses of “opposite-ville,” “use a crisis to do things,” campaign strategy. It’s a convenient distraction from issues of political accountability and despotic manipulation.

My sympathy goes out to the Pelosis for a violent attack by—not a MAGA, Pelosi-hating, politically-inspired right winger—but an illegal alien, drug-addled psychotic, delusional nudist, LGBT-flag/Black Lives Matter-sign displaying, psychedelics/ibogaine-consuming look alike for the idiot brother from the “My Name is Earl” trailer-trash sitcom. All irrefutably missing from Dem/media narratives.

Meanwhile, years of science-defying manipulation of America’s foundational, constitutional fabric has been revealed as a deliberate, malevolent experiment on a free people to see: 1) how many lies over a slightly lethal flu virus, COVID-19, can be forced upon educated, liberty-loving people; 2) how much of America’s business, cultural, educational, and personal way of life could be illegally upended by authoritarian mandates;

3) How easily a nation—founded on the inviolable principle that government exists “to secure these rights,” not abrogate them—accepts authoritarian abuses with assertions of scientific certainty, while censoring those using scientific data to question those assertions; 4) how many adverse, even deadly, reactions—and “excess deaths” from postponed routine, preventative treatment—will be tolerated by a subservient populace. Official data counts more vaccine-related deaths than occurred from all other vaccines, combined. Authorities have some ‘splainin’ to do.

Those same political, health care and media authorities now want amnesty for abuses to self-governance, without accepting accountability for errors and perfidy. No-one’s asking Americans’ forgiveness for their political, medical and financial sins (kickbacks and profiteering by Fauci et al). “Bat flu,” my eye.

When will families, consumers, church-goers, business owners, and children be apologized to, compensated, and “made whole”? Voters were manipulated by a phony medical crisis into accepting shady, illegal voting practices rife with fraud, cheating and stolen results. Republicans, not Democrats (always in error, never in doubt), want fired employees and military reinstated with back pay.

It was known, and knowable, that masks and mask mandates were ineffectual; that lockdowns and school closures would be harmfully counterproductive; most importantly, that the vaccines wouldn’t prevent infection (even while reducing hospitalizations and deaths in vulnerable, elderly groups). They won’t apologize because they will happily repeat it the next time some lab-formulated virus escapes China or wherever.

Inform yourself: “The book we need and only Justin Hart could write,” by Jeffrey A. Tucker. The book is “Gone Viral: How Covid Drove the World Insane.”

Outrageously, True the Vote founder, and “2000 Mules” movie collaborators, Catherine Englebrecht and Gregg Phillips, suffered politically motivated incarceration for exercising their rights against witch-hunt type litigation over their investigation of a Chinese data harvesting operation. Chinese Communists are using the civil judicial system to wage “law-fare” against Americans whose only crime is exposing voting corruption.

Politically-motivated violence by the left: New Hampshire Republican Senate candidate, Gen. Don Bolduc was attacked before a debate last Wednesday. NY Republican for Governor, Lee Zeldin, was attacked on a stage by a blade-wielding leftist. A would-be assassin showed up at Justice Kavanaugh’s home, after Democrat Schumer warned SCOTUS Justices of thinly-veiled violence over abortion decisions.

A rabid Democrat ran over and killed a young conservative over fear of his politics. Scumbag leftists beat a Marco Rubio canvasser into unconsciousness requiring facial surgery—saying Republicans aren’t welcome in that Florida neighborhood. Georgia Republican Marjorie Taylor Greene was subjected to six phony calls for SWAT response to violence—instigators hoped a nervous trigger-finger kills her.

Bernie Sanders supporter, James Hodgkinson, attempted mass murder of Republicans at baseball practice, seriously wounding Rep. Steve Scalise. A Democrat neighbor attacked KY Sen. Rand Paul, inflicting serious injuries. The Washington Free Beacon: “a total of 30 Republican members of Congress have either been attacked or received a death threat since the beginning of May (2017).”

“More national security threats come from domestic left-wing extremists,” (Theepochtimes.com). Democrat-media complex: ho-hum. Leftism relies on violence; dozens of damaged pro-life centers prove it.

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