Tuesday, November 1, 2022

It Sure Looks Like Biden Destroyed Our Economy Intentionally

It Sure Looks Like Biden Destroyed Our Economy Intentionally


We’ve all heard the adage that Democrats are guilty of what they accuse Republicans of doing. Despite all the years of this being a tactic of the left, it never ceases to amaze me that Democrats still think they can get away with it. And yet they keep trying. This week, Biden has been pushing the narrative that if Republicans win in November, they’ll tank the economy.

“Republicans have made it clear that if they win control of the Congress, they will shut down the government, refuse to pay our bills, and it will be the first time in our history America will default unless I yield and cut Social Security and Medicare,” Biden claimed. “They’re flat-out saying that, in order to cut Social Security, Medicare, they’re threatening to default on the federal debt. There’s nothing, nothing that would create more chaos, more inflation and more damage to the American economy than this. … Republicans are going to crash the economy” if they get their way.

Cute story, even more laughable than Nancy Pelosi’s efforts to absolve Biden of responsibility for historic inflation by insisting that inflation “is a global phenomenon” even though, according to Forbes, inflation is hitting America harder than many other industrialized nations.

It is embarrassing the way Joe Biden is trying to change the conversation about the economy just two weeks before the midterm elections. It would be impossible for Republicans to do more damage to the economy than what Joe Biden has already done. To tell you the truth, it’s extremely difficult not to draw the conclusion that Joe Biden has intentionally harmed the economy of our country.

Just look at the evidence. On the campaign trail, ending fossil fuels was a key promise he made. “I want you to look at my eyes. I guarantee you, I guarantee you we’re going to end fossil fuels,” he said while campaigning in New Hampshire. Sure enough, the moment he took office, he declared war on the oil and gas industry, making us more reliant on foreign nations, including our enemies, to meet our fundamental energy requirements.

Then there’s the reckless spending. There isn’t a problem in the world Biden doesn’t want to throw money at. And look at the results. Inflation is at historic highs. He’s tried to blame everyone and everything else for skyrocketing inflation, but the blame rests squarely with him. Inflation started trending upward when he took office and Democrats had one-party control, and House Majority Whip James Clyburn (D-S.C.) even admitted last week that his party knew its spending plans would drive up inflation.

“Well, let me make it very clear. All of us are concerned about these rising costs, and all of us knew this would be the case when we put in place this recovery program. Any time you put more money into the economy, prices tend to rise,” Clyburn said.

There’s no doubt that the Democrats knew what they were doing, and now they’re not only trying to distance themselves from the economic mess they’ve created, but they also have the gall to claim that Republicans would make it worse. The Trump years weren’t all that long ago, and the economy was doing great then. I bet most people would sooner go back to the Trump economy than want more of what Biden has delivered.

But the bottom line here is that the economic situation we are in now was by design. Biden and the Democrats spent, spent, spent, crushed domestic energy, and undid all the progress Trump made. And the best closing argument they can make now is, “Well, Republicans would make things worse.”

Really? I can’t stop laughing.


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