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Here's How We Know Trump Can Win in 2024...

Here's How We Know Trump Can Win in 2024...

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Everyone has an opinion about Donald Trump’s formal announcement to run for president again in 2024. Many in the party wanted him to wait until after the Georgia runoff election. Others didn’t want him to announce it at all. Some were psyched and are now anxious for Trump to take back the White House and clean up the mess Joe Biden has made.

Whatever you think about it, the underlying question that everyone is asking is, “Can Trump win in 2024?” This is actually a two-part question because, while Trump may be the first GOP candidate to announce, he likely won’t be the last. So can Trump survive a GOP primary? Yes, he certainly can, depending on who else runs.

But can he win the general election? Many Trump-fatigued Republicans say he can’t — and that’s a valid concern. Trump comes into 2024 with a significant amount of baggage that no doubt raises significant concern about his ability to attract independent voters.

Many former Trump officials have been speaking out against him. We can debate about them being “swamp creatures” and whatnot, but in the end, it’s a bad look to have so many people who used to work for you badmouthing you.

But as for the question of whether Trump can win in 2024 and return to the White House, make no mistake about it: the liberal media thinks he can.

On Wednesday’s episode of The View, the mostly menopausal panel of liberals and faux Republicans reacted to Trump’s announcement exactly how you would expect: with mockery and derision. But, after making the usual jokes about what was wrong with the announcement, co-host and faux Republican Ana Navarro said the quiet part out loud.

“Part of me wants to be with you, laughing,” she told her co-hosts. “I’ve seen this movie before. Yeah, and so you know, Rupert Murdoch doesn’t matter. GOP donors don’t matter. Elected officials don’t matter. What matters and what’s going to make the decisions are Republican base voters who voted for Trump before. So I’ll tell you this, I made the mistake — and many other Republicans made the mistake in 2016 — of not taking Trump seriously. I’m not taking making that mistake twice. I gotta tell you all; don’t get numb to it. Don’t laugh about it. Don’t get tired of it. We beat him once. We can beat him twice if we have to.”

Navarro then pleaded with The View‘s audience not to “get exhausted and not fight hard as hell.”

She clearly thinks Trump can win again.

Sunny Hostin then implored the media not to give Trump any attention.

Trump’s former director of strategic communications and assistant, Alyssa Farah Griffin, speculated that Trump is merely running to avoid indictment and suggested a strategy to stop Trump from getting the nomination.

“My note to my party — we’ve seen this movie before — If 15 people run against him, if a dozen people run against him, it actually clears it for him. That’s what happened in 2016,” she said. “It’s time […] for sound-minded Republicans to come together. Governors, senators… and decide who are we going to put all of our energy behind — all of our resources to put that person up against him and try to take him down once and for all because that’s the only way we don’t get nominee Donald Trump.”

“We need a winning coalition against him,” she said. “So it’s never too late to come to the right side.”

And the audience cheered.

Does anyone really think The View and its fans aren’t desperately afraid that Trump will win in 2024 if they’re urging everyone not to be complacent and suggesting strategies for ousting Trump in the primaries? Do you really think that The View would be happier with DeSantis as the GOP nominee? Griffin has been critical of DeSantis just like the rest of the panel. Does she want DeSantis in the White House any more than she wants Trump? I doubt it.

DeSantis is Trump without the baggage and controversy, and Griffin is not offering a strategy to oust Trump in the primaries because she’s a DeSantis booster. She knows, just as the rest of her co-hosts know, that Trump can win again in 2024 — and they’re terrified of that.

Trump may or may not be the GOP’s best chance of winning the White House in 2024, but clearly, the liberal media thinks he can win.

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