Thursday, November 24, 2022

Biden’s White House literally could not be ‘more political’

Biden’s White House literally could not be ‘more political’

Get ready, America: The Biden administration, emboldened by the Democrats’ midterm over-performance, is doubling down on its disastrous strategy to date. Per insiders speaking to Axios, Biden plans to remake “the White House into a more political operation.”

Impossible! Biden’s already run the most political White House in recent memory, where the larger public good is brutally ignored in favor of the immediate interests of the president and his party. 

Look at his disastrous border policy. It’s caused untold human misery and has now spread to cities — like New York — nowhere near the southern border, all while pouring money into the pockets of fentanyl-peddling cartels and human traffickers. 

But it made his base of rich blue-staters happy because it ups the supply of cheap labor on which their lifestyles depend and lets them playact as humanitarians. 

Or his student-loan abomination. He knew he lacked the authority to unilaterally forgive student debt (with money extracted from the less well-off); Biden and Nancy Pelosi both said as much. But the promise looked likely to help Dems in the midterms, so he “did” it anyway — timing it so the courts wouldn’t consider it before the election.  

Now the order’s been struck down twice in court, as the president knew it would be. 

Don’t forget his morally odious attorney general’s crusade against dissenting parents at woke school-board meetings. Merrick Garland wanted to bring the FBI to bear against members of the public objecting to their kids’ indoctrination into gender ideology and CRT.

For Biden, politics always comes first. Don’t believe us? Look at the carnage he’s caused. 

Per the same Axios report, Biden’s chief of staff, Ron Klain, is exhausted and wants out. (We would too, Ron: Spending years driving the country into the ground to satisfy your boss’ megalomania has to be tiring). 

Trouble is, Klain’s the perfect man for the job. If Biden wants to supercharge his cynical policies, he needs a top-notch hack onside. There may be some other reptilian operative waiting in the wings, but no way they’ll be as good. 

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Biden’s as good as telling the country to brace itself for more of the same and worse. So thank your lucky stars the GOP took the House. Otherwise, the scope of the disaster would be unimaginable.

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