Tuesday, November 22, 2022

Don's Tuesday Column

         THE WAY I SEE IT   by Don Polson   Red Bluff Daily News   11/22/2022

Preferred Useful Narratives all around

They’re also Enforced Correct Lies, mandated compliance with approved falsehoods. Current political culture approximates high school with its in- (and out-) crowds, boosters of teams, popularity contests and cliques defining who or what is cool, or not, enforced with rewarded approval or insulting derision. Many adults unwittingly fall into such adolescent mindsets.

Examples of Preferred Useful Narratives, or Enforced Correct Lies, abound: The COVID-19 pandemic has flooded us with useful narratives and enforced lies, particularly California’s astoundingly coercive law mandating doctor’s compliance with so-called “medical consensus” on COVID-19 in all professional, even personal and private, communications. “Free speech”? An anachronism.

“A new California law [AB 2098] signed by Gov. Newsom empowers the Medical Board of California to discipline physicians who ‘disseminate’ information regarding COVID-19 that departs from the ‘contemporary scientific consensus’” (pjmedia.com). The New Civil Liberties Alliance asked for an injunction in a U.S. District Court. Pandemic “conventional wisdom,” or “scientific consensus,” has been proven unreliable, with shifting scales of truth, truth-ism, and used-to-be-true-but-not-anymore.

Which narrative, which lie, is guiding Joe Biden’s COVID policies? “Joe Biden can’t let go of a pandemic he wants us to pretend didn’t happen,” by Matt Margolis, lays it out: Biden declared our nation’s independence from COVID in a July, 2021 speech, a blunder then dwarfed by the Afghanistan withdrawal. Though the fight wasn’t over, he said, it was a final lap to victory.

A couple of months ago, Biden said that the pandemic “is over… (with a remaining) problem (needing) a lot of work…Everybody seems to be in pretty good shape.” So, a bipartisan resolution to end the national emergency (which President Trump ill-advisedly declared in 2020) prompted Biden’s veto threat.

There is no pandemic emergency and hasn’t been for most of this year. Given the less-than-1 percent “case fatality rate” for all but the elderly, it never was an emergency. However, no “emergency” means ending the illegal Medicaid expansion to financially disqualified people; the rationale for widespread, unrequested mail-in ballots disappears. America’s traditional secret voting system returns, no harvesting.

Biden’s narrative/lie that he created millions of jobs and a growing economy evaporates; America has simply returned to pre-pandemic non-government-lockdown status quo. Millions, however, still refuse to return to the workforce. Biden: Pay no attention to the pandemic preceding my recovery.

Biden’s World Economic Forum and G-20 leaders/chums all but celebrate what the pandemic has allowed them to do, aka “taking advantage of the crisis.” Knowing what otherwise free citizens will tolerate inspires “The Great Reset” (actual book title) to a climate crisis-induced, energy-impoverished world economy—requiring sacrifices ($$$$$$$$) of developed nations.

Biden has approved incorporation of international “vaccine passports” policy to… “facilitate seamless international travel, interoperability, and recognizing digital solutions and non-digital solutions, including proof of vaccinations…and collaboration on the establishment of trusted global digital health networks (and) digital COVID-19 certificates.” Silly you, thinking the pandemic mandate narrative and lies were history.

Likewise, the narrative and lies surrounding the fanatical “carbon neutral” jihad against fossil fuels, which give us most of our modern conveniences, independent lifestyles, winter heat and summer cooling. Biden preposterously wants to hand out $20 billion to coal-rich Indonesia to induce their 274 million people to accept the loss of lifestyle, and massive undependability of “renewables.”

Under Biden’s policies, Americans are fed deluded, useful narratives that, in mere decades, our entire daily existence will have to adjust to: Cars without sufficient range for a 200 to 300-mile trip; 2-hour charging replacing a 5-minute fill-up; intermittent power supplies that don’t allow previously routine appliance use; and annually-cost-inflated foods with plunging quality due to banned fertilizers and pesticides.

The lying narratives from the illegal and one-sided J6 committee (“The January 6 Committee Travesty,” by Betsy McCaughey) would devastate America’s tradition of fair-play, with vicious recriminations over elections—except for the fact that few people have watched or cared, polling says. Readers who credulously accept those narratives have only yourselves to blame for having chosen the political “team” that lives by lies, revenge, personal destruction, censorship, persecution and prosecution of opponents. Just ask yourself “what if” all you’re told isn’t true.

What has turned out to be true: Court filings show the FBI had numerous agents, political “narcs,” and informants in the crowds that rioted at and inside the Capitol on Jan. 6: "Feds Had Informants In Proud Boys and Oath Keepers for J6” (Julie Kelly). The pipe bomb with a kitchen timer—discovered by a passer-by but unseen by Secret Service before Veep Harris arrived—was not only suspiciously planted, but the video itself is manipulated to prevent investigation.

The Washington Post has revealed that there were no “nuclear secrets” in the Mar-A-Lago documents, and no indication Trump expected financial gains from White House papers. No crime, no intent, no impropriety.

The Democrats “jihad” against Trump and Republicans now becomes the purview of a “Special Counsel,” Jack Smith, who receives the (partisan, manipulated) evidence from the J6 committee. He was hip-deep in Lois Lerner’s anti-Tea Party IRS targeting, and prosecuted VA Gov. Bob McDonnell, impacting the Republican presidential race. Smith’s conviction was unanimously reversed by the Supreme Court. His thinly-veiled role is to keep Trump out of the White House, and prosecute Republicans out of the House majority.

“God Bless America!  President Trump declares for ‘24!  Takes on Cartels, Marxist Dems, Deep State, Rigged Elections, Inflation and Recession, Crooked Corporate Media, Foreign Enemies —to restore sovereignty and prosperity for all Americans.” Lou Dobbs, on what Trump stands against and for; I’m with Lou and Trump for America First.

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