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Woke America Just Took Our Culture to the Bermuda Triangle

Woke America Just Took Our Culture to the Bermuda Triangle

This June 25, 2019 photo shows the sign outside a McDonald's restaurant in Pittsburgh. McDonald's is reporting its 16th consecutive bump in comparable-store sales globally. The company on Friday, July 26, posted earnings of $1.52 billion, or $1.97 per share. Earnings, adjusted for restructuring costs, came to $2.05 per share, which was a penny shy of expectations, according to Zacks Investment Research. (AP Photo/Gene J. Puskar)

“Well, this is fate! What do they call it when everything intersects?” Rob Reiner asks Tom Hanks in Sleepless in Seattle. Hanks, with a decidedly different take on events, responds, “The Bermuda Triangle.” Welcome to the woke culture version of the Bermuda Triangle.

Smart PJ Media readers know that wokeness has sent American culture circling the drain for quite some time. But seldom are we treated to so many examples of dumbness mixed with wokeness and synthesized into one cultural moment.

What depths will the crazies go to further debase our culture? Wonder no more. This story out of Utah has it all:

  • Oversized sense of entitlement
  • Blame shifting
  • Cop hatred
  • Parental irresponsibility
  • Child abuse
  • Lack of manners
  • Lack of empathy
  • Violent behavior

People Magazine reported, “A Utah man is facing criminal charges for allegedly encouraging his 4-year-old child to shoot at police after officials say he received the wrong order at a McDonald’s drive-thru in Midvale.”

See? Told you so.

Cops were left sputtering when they learned the details of this horrific story, which occurred at 1:30 in the morning.

CNN reports that the father-of-year candidate, 27-year-old Sadaat Johnson, placed his order in the drive-thru with his four-year-old and three-year-old in the back seat. Dad got the wrong order, blew his stack, and immediately — and literally — went to guns. He didn’t fire his pistol but did let the employees see it.

McDonald’s employees apologized and promised to make his order properly. They asked him to pull up to a special parking spot to wait for his food.

They called the police.

Police say the unidentified man informed his children that he would be arrested and instructed his four-year-old to shoot the cops. He handed the gun over to the four-year-old.

CNN reported:

When officers arrived, they asked the man to get out of the vehicle several times, but he did not comply, the UPD release said. Officers pulled him out of the vehicle.

While the man was being taken into custody, an officer turned around and saw a gun pointing out the back window, the release said.

Police say one officer saw the barrel of the gun pointing out the back window. The officer yelled “gun!” and “kid!” and managed to redirect the firearm. A shot “injured an officer” and hit an awning on the McDonald’s building.

Police say dad told the kid to shoot cops.

“The person that pulled that trigger was four years old,” said the exasperated Salt Lake County Sheriff, Rosie Rivera. “Just think of the gravity of that.” She continued in disbelief, “This is a child who thought it was okay to pull a firearm and shoot that firearm at police. I’ve never seen anything like this in my 28 years in law enforcement.”

WRAL-TV talked to psychologist Dr. Douglas Goldsmith, who was stunned by the story. “[Children] respond with fear. They respond with anxiety. They respond by crying. We have never seen a child, I have never seen a child try to harm or yell at or be angry with a policeman as retribution for arresting their parent.”

He said the child learned this at home.

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The Unified Police Department of Salt Lake City spokeswoman, Sgt. Melody Cutler, told CNN that dad is up on “felony child abuse” and “threatening with the use of a dangerous weapon” charges.

And a final cultural footnote in blame-shifting: we all know that if the four-year-old had shot his toddler sibling, it would be the gun’s fault.

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